Pray for Others

My hubby has been unemployed for almost two years. It has been very rocky. I school our daughter at home. I do housecleaning and office work to supplement our income. I am very overwhelmed and disheartened. I don't feel God hears my prayers. He feels very far away.

Please pray for me and my internet provider for safety and protection. This week I have received numerous scam attempts via my computer and my landline. I have received a lot of help dealing with this but it is debilitating and time consuming for me and my providers. Thank you. In Jesus' Name. Barbara

Jesus please bless me with that job at B. h.@ G. J. m. with Carlo, and pass my background check. Jesus I not playing I ready and will serve that a vow, Please I need your help. Bro. Joe-

Kindly pray for the healing of my wife Delphine battled with Pulmonary fibrosis since 2005 and now in house not working with medical bills. The benefits application denied we are in financial burden. I am very confident God will provide in Jesus Christ name Amen .

Pray that I will be able to find a job within the next week.

Please pray that the Lord will provide suitable employment for me as soon as possible and a Bible teaching/believing church to attend,both of these things are very great needs for me right now.Thank you for your prayers,Bless you :-)

I have become a sloppy housekeeper.
I feel lonely.
My son does not return my phone calls and it upsets me.
I need Our Lord's help to change my life.
My son does not return my phone calls and it upsets me. Thank you for your prayers.

Please, be so kind as to pray for healing for Linda and for Bob, as well as their beloved Mother, Dorothy.
Thank you for your prayers.

I was just promoted to a new rank in my business a few weeks ago & this prayer is for me to earn my monthly residual income.

Please,pray for my relationships with my Sweetheart Michael. I love this guy very much and I want us together. Please,Lord,You see my heart and You know how much I love Michael. Please save our relationships save us together no matter what is going on through our life. In Your Holly name I am bagging You Lord,help me stay with Michael and help me go through what I am going right now. In Jesus name please help me God. Amen.