Pray for Others

Friends with health problems - job security and personal relationships

Nothing hurts more than when you ask God for help, and he lets you down, again and again.
God only helps me with what can be called small favors, but for the past 10 years when I've really needed him he's let me down. I'm not going to pretend that I haven't let him down, but the difference is I'm only human.
Yesterday I could have come into financial independence. In a matter of months I would have been able to quit my dumb job, move out of my parents' house and into a place of my own, and rekindle my passion for life. But once again, he said no.
This is why I stopped praying the our father.

Please pray that this is the last financial prayer that I need to do . Please prayer that God would bless me with the house , good health for me and my family , and all our financial needs are meet and exceeded in the name of Jesus I pray

for closure for myself and Gene now and the ability to move forward in all ways

please pray for my nephew Jaime to get a job so he can take care of his 2 children and help pay his bills. He also needs to be saved and delivered from drugs, alcohol and lust. he needs to marry his children mother, they have been living together for years. thank you. Malissia

lord please help me to always remember i have you and you in me now and forever amen

Please keep praying for our son to fully recover from an injury suffered as he tried to achieve a professional and personal goal. Thank you.

Pls pray that my nephews truck is fixed today so he can return to work and that my tax issues are resolved so I can move on with getting a house and creating my future. Also healing for marriages and issues with my siblings and financial abundance.

Please keep praying for our friends' infant who is fighting for his life with a respiratory infection. Thank you.

Please grant us wisdom and strength to deal with the adversity that we are facing. THY WILL BE DONE.