Pray for Others

Lord, please remove all fear, doubt, anxiety and panic from me. Help me to strengthen my faith Lord Jesus, in Your sweet name i pray, Amen

Please pray for a way to reach people so they will find me. Desperately in need of clients to help with their health issues. So my other license his through quickly and I find a place to practice on my own that is affordable and can grow it into a thriving clinic. For my son to see things through a different perspective. That I can pay all my bills each month, income to increase.
Thanks and God Bless

Pray for an end or true beginning of our strong love. Also, for respect and appreciation. I can't seem to walk away, but don't want to admit I am being led on. I just don't understand. Pray for relief from heart break and continuous pain. Pray for eye opening on his side, or my side. Pray for prompt mental and emotional relief from pain. Amen.

Lord! Thank you for your blessings and showing me the right path. Please give others wisdom to be blessed by your grace. I know that You send all of us in this world with your blessings but some people still don't know the real truth because their inner eyes are closed. Similarly, a child who loves to study is the one who will do the best in class than someone who doesn't care about studies. So I pray for those who are engulfed in darkness. Please showing them the light of hope and wisdom. I also pray for my family, please help me in my financial circumstances. I also pray for my brother's family and their physical needs and their jobs.

for it all to work out...

Family is everything to God. I was blessed with four children. I remarried and had four more. The first four have been pushed out by my second husband. We do not have any family time or gatherings. I have to meet them away some where else. My heart aches with sadness. My husband is not kind to anyone really unless he stands to benefit. I know how God, feels about family and wants it whole with nothing missing and nothing broken. I keep trusting that God hears me and what the enemy means for evil that God, will turn to good... The more people that I have praying and agreeing that God, is able to heal, fix, restore, and mend all the broken and hurting hearts in my family. I pray that I will be in the right place at the right time. I know God, is real... I know He loves us so very much.... I know that He will never leave us nor forsake us... I know that His children do not beg for bread.... I know that pray works... I know that Jesus does not wish for separation from His love and protection... Please pray with me!

Relationship reconciliation growth and acceptance additiction help and a time to enjoy my week off

Please pray that the Lord Jesus will prepare the way for Lynn - my second shift nurse.Please pray that the Lord has healed her&that the 50patients she is responsible for will not require alott of care.Please pray that Lynn will have HELP for the entire second shift&she will be able to stay on the north side.Thanks Ann

Please ask God to protect Alan while traveling today. Pray, too, for God to give him strength to complete his mission; and, especially, to spare his life and let him come home safely! Thank you all and may God bless you richly. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom

Alan has excruciating pain. Please pray hard for God to heal his back without surgery or further treatments and to give him complete relief from the pain. Thank you and God bless you all. I ask in Christ's name. mom