Pray for Others

I need some guidance on future housing. I have found exactly what I need, but it is a one bedroom and I have a daughter. I am asking to see God's will in whether to continue offering her housing. And if it is His will, that in the next few weeks I find a home for both of us that we can afford. And, as always, Thanks be to God for His many gifts to us. Amen.

I'm in need of a financial breakthrough, I want to be debt free and need healing in my marriage

Please pray for my health and finances and please Lord my hudband has fallen off the wagon after 25 years all I can do is pray sbout it

Dear God, I pray for the willingness to let go, surrender and relinquish to you the settlement and outcome of this terrible law suit with Chad - Judy - and TLC B. I pray for the willingness to forgive Chad for his lies, manipulations and broken trust resulting in wrecking us financially .
God, I would like to ask to be made whole financially as we were before this horrible lawsuit. However, I am trusting you to resolve the matter, as you know the highest and best outcome. I relinquish all requests for outcome to you. I will continue to work diligently and trust you will resolve all matters.
I pray these things through Christ Jesus who strengthers all.

Jesus touch my muslim friends jamshed & diljohn . TOUCH THEM . Holy Spirit . Amen

I am asking for pray that they will release my unemployment check so i can have some type on money coming in to pay my bills

Please pray for Tonya, that she gets the job she had an interview for. She really needs this full time job. Thank you for praying.

she is in the palliative care now, the doctor said no more treatment can be done for her cancer but God can always heal his people.

please pray for all homeless people who are having to deal with the cold weather. And also any animals left outside. Please pray that they find some kind of shelter to help them survive. Thank you for your prayers.

please pray that I get together enough money for insurance, train fare, and clothes for my new job. Thank you