Pray for Others

Pray I hear from the love of my life. A simple text will suffice. I pray soon he can face his truth and we can move forward together as a couple.
I love him with all my heart and greatly miss him in my life.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Sean, my son-in-law, to be offered the job he has interviewed for this week. He has been out of work since November. The need is urgent. God bless you for your prayers. He is supposed to get a call for another interview at the same job today, please believe with us for the call to come on time and the interview will lead to a job. AMEN

Please dear lord help me. My marriage has been hostile and emotionally abusive. It has affected my daughters and I deeply. I am so scared, tired and I feel so weak. Please give me strength and guidance. Please rescue us from pain and fear. Please heal us all.

For a miracle in my finances, my health and thanking God for blessing my children.

Please pray that my son and his classmates will have safe travels abroad for next three weeks. Please also pray that he will find the place God wants him to be for his internship that will complete his college requirements. Thank you very much for yours prayers.

Dear Prayer Warriors : please pray that I do well on my psychology exam tomorrow. I cannot afford to do bad. Also, please pray that I get into the medical internship program. Please pray that my family dynamic improves. Thank you for blessing us with another day of life.

God, please heal my mother's kidney, give her healthy kidneys!

Father god i thank u for this day i pray and i ask for healing and restoration for my body and marriage lord i thank u for my matriage i ask that u brake down walls for healing to take place. I thank u for your divine answers to my prayers amen

Oh Lord my awesome friend-- I come to you for guidance of what to do about me in certain issues, i pray for 2 people I find conflict with....or is it all my fault? and then my persona; struggle with my spirituality, my "direction now", what do i say to the 2 friends? and maybe...I need to concentrate on #1---me...yrs, I believe I could get rid of "mt packed closet", and sort, learn, read--basically "To take into my heart whatever (positively) and leave the rest" I can go back and deal with a little more in time. Hey Lord-- you helped me to write this Prayer Request pretty good. Now it is my time to be effective, pray, and read God's word. Thanks God! And Amen

Please pray that Francie's heart be open to God's love and healing. I pray that the drug treatment does what the doctor intended and there be no side effects in the name of Jesus.