Pray for Others

Dear lord I ask that you will help me to build a stronger relationship with my daughter Christina- and myself today and everyday
Thank you

Dear lord I ask for your help to build a stronger relationship with my son Alex - and myself today and everyday
Thank you

speedy recovery from back surgery, chronic pain

Dear lord I ask that you help my son Alex - and my daughter Christina - build a stronger relationship with each other today and everyday
Thank you

I respiratory failure and i just found i do not qualify for a lung transplant. i need God's help to face my challenge that is ahead of me.

Dear lord I ask for your help to lose weight today and everyday
Thank you

That i may stay strong in getting , abusive boyfriend out of my home. and that i may receive Gods favor with a part time job to survive., for i have a little one counting on me, , and my painful disability has me worried if i can try to work again

​For C's breakthru now into easily sustained physical healing, for everyone's!! PROTECTION from all NEGATIVE ENERGIES, they DECREASE steadily including negative thot actions emotions, for protection protection for all needed, willingness for qwsG skills, now, t solution!! for enuf rest & SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, for courage, EAGER happy HEALING WILLINGNESS that SUSTAINS including much PHYSICAL PROGRESS still SUSTAINED after all physical exertions done for day for everyone! For Perfect PRACTITIONERS methods/modifications (Dr. Mark perfect working/pay arrangement, perfect healing treatment) found now! For rapid BOUNCEBACK tissues circulation vessels nerves TEETH Bones & emotions from physical/all stress. We pray FOR FREEDOM FROM FEAR for ALL, for healing miracles for everyone, Lord!!

I want to know God more than ever before more than I can comprehend knowing him for the rest of my life everyday all day. I want scripture in my head to be more natural than breathing. I want to share Christ with everyone and to be an example of him at work

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for R side back &neck alignment holding, for SLEEEEEP for C & M tonight, C HEALED R ARM (L arm) hands, R FOOT, toes area, C & M Moist comfortable healthy tissues, FREE OF EXCESS MUCOUS IN THROAT EARS SINUSES (ears hear well!) only-healthy-organisms in body, esp stomach, Perfect PH Balance, Tissues Moist & COOL, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS, FEET ARMS esp R, HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies,& emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP RIGHT SIDE & UPPER REAR TWO, HEALED BLADDER, Urethra, for ENERGY STAMINA STRENGTH ENDURANCE!! God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing! TY God for Your Love! We Love You!