Pray for Others

Please pray that I will land a job, my dream job soon as my unemployment runs out soon.

pray god will touch my mom rosetta to wont to see all of her kids not just W. and L.

Please pray for Paula. She has many health problems and the doctors aren't sure what is wrong. She has several more diagnostic tests yet. Please pray for her complete healing. Thank you! In Jesus' name! Amen!

I would like prayer to be healed fom a tumor in my right shoulder. and my right hand, from lifting. at a job. I would love to remarry, I have been divorce 25 years. would love to meet a (saved gentleman) I have a skin infection. my right side of my nose is very swollen. and sometime its hard for me to (breath) I live in a old apt. but I keep it clean.I,am (Disable) two knee replacements 10 years ago work on concrete. wore them out (bone to bone).I would love a better place to live and a better car but I cannot make car payments on the social security I get.. I loved work until I lost my knees. I drive a 1999. I do live for god and I do try baby sitting but they wont younger women. I write a lot of poetry. and stories pray god will open the door for me that someone would like my writing. I would love to move somewhere. also and pray for people. but you have to have your own place to live.

Hi my name is Erin and I've already said a prayer to God to be with my one year old Joey (My Jo Jo) but, I wanted to sent my prayer out to all of u bc I know when 2 or more pray the power beyond many is greater than myself. Please say a prayer that my money situation gets good enough where I can afford to get a place on my own for me and my son son Joey! It is kill n me not to be with him right now! But, it is a blessing that I have a wonderful and angel for a mother that is keeping Joey for me right now! "Thank God!" And also pls say a prayer for my friend Laura she's had her little girl taken away from her! Her name is Emma today is my friends B-Day! I want to say a prayer that she gets to speak with her little Emma today! Thank u so much for your heartfelt prayers and that there is something like this out there for pep needing 'HOPE'!

Please heal le of my dysuria And babble problem.

Please help me God to find the job that is meant for me soon. Amen.

My daughter goes to court on friday May 29 8:30 a.m. Her son father wants custody visit .He has cause nothing but drama in their life .He is bipolar and his son is afraid of him .he is trying to get my daughter in trouble because she does not want to be with him. Please pray my daughter is finally free of this man and that the jugde will give her favor all the way

For Kathleen or just found out that she has breast cancer and needs surgery. Thank you for praying for her

Please pray that L & C's home in A. is sold soon. Thank you