Pray for Others

That God be in favor and let the financing of my house go through.

For tj to get back in God's path. Back into the light and out of the darknes. s. To open his heart back to God.let go of his anger, and realize how much his family loves him. And to take care of his health and get off pain pills. Heal from serving in iraq to become God's prophet and help other marines

Cured of non Hoskins lymphoma

Please pray for Jason, my son. He is struggling with depression which has been detrimental to him marriage. He is getting help and is working on his relationship. He is working hard at trying to find employment and has a good possibility but is waiting to hear from them. Please pray for him so that he may move forward with the help of God ☺

Please pray for Don who has been recovering from chemo and is in hospital with pneumonia. Pray complete healing and restoration.

Bryan had to have a surgery from last July redone because the mesh came loose. The doctor was not specific about do's and don'ts last summer and it is the same way this time. Bryan is being too careful, as a result, causing him depression because it keeping him from doing things. Please pray for guidance for him so that he will be lifted up from his depression. Blesings, Bryan's Mom


Dee, 22 yr old, severe high blood pressure, grieving death of father and special aunt drug abuse since deaths, legal issues. Help Lord. Save, heal, protect and grant Dee supernatural favor, guidance, access to healthcare, employment and educational opportunities. Give him wisdom to parent his daughters. Remove unGodly forces and influences. Help, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen

I have been a young widow for 11 years. I have prayed many times to God to send me a new man to share life with me, but it still has not happened. The few men I have been attracted to over the years were bad news. The bible says it is not good to be alone. Please ask God to let something good happen now.

I pray that Anna is guided to a cancer doctor that can treat her, and offer her hope. She is such a wonderful person, and an inspiration to so many people. Please pray that she kicks cancer's butt so she can shine on.