Pray for Others

I am asking for prayer as I get ready to do a presentation. I pray that I do well, and God will release all anxiety and fear. I am not use to speaking, but this is for a class and it's based on my career.

first of all let me say thank you for praying for me my current conditions is I have no job my rent is due my insurance is about to expire at 12:00 midnight and possibly my light my be getting shut off I am in a financial crisis . please pray that god will see through this and my need will be met .
thank you

My husband is having a procedure for a growth on his forehead.
Please pray that it will be nothing.

I pray in Jesus name for Loren and myself to be completely delivered from all drug addiction and I pray that may the desire to do drugs goes away and may the Lord give us strength and peace and guidance.


I pray in Jesus name for Loren and I that may the Lord give us guidance and may The Lord bless our relationship.i pray may the Lord be our strength

Please pray that our daughter can recover from her alcohol and relationship addictions. Please pray her self confidence will increase and she will put her trust in God. Thank you!

Please Lord Jesus Help My Situation. Let Their Be No Problems. Speak Peace To These Things Jesus. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Please pray that my follow up mammogram will show my breast is healthy with no cancer.
Thank you!

Pray for Kristin - a young mother of 2 beginning her second fight against cancer.
Pray for Deann a young mother having surgery right now for breast cancer.