Pray for Others

Need to find my Iphone! It's been lost for a month now! I've prayed but still not found it! It was on silent and ringer and vibrate was off! Don't know exactly why the Lord has not shown me where it is unless He wanted me to come in agreement with those on OurPrayer.Org. Pray that I will find it very soon! thank you so much!

Please pray for a very serious stronghold be lifted off of James. He needs to remove the wicked in his life and put God First. Please open Shana's eyes to letting James go... they are unhealthy for each other. She needs to just move on in her life and he needs to let her go. His health is now failing from the stress of their relationship. They need to let each other go. She is the wrong woman for him, she doesn't see it, he does but continues to remain in this sick relationship.

Please pray that this specific church fellowship that we are a part of here, grows very big immediately, all to the Lord's glory and all by the Lord's grace!

Please pray that the new people at church today will all come back next week, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

Please pray that our son Connor will get on a flight today back to GA. He is in WA. Please surround him with Gods angels and bless him with a miracle to get a flight home. Blessings and thanks

Please pray my husband is a pastor and has filed for a divorce believing many lies and accusing me of many things that are not true please pray God works in his heart

Please continue to pray for me. I am asking for praying for a good honest friend to come into my life. Someone I can talk that will be a true friend. I am so lonely and I have no one to communicate with.

Please pray for healing, love, forgiveness and communication with my spouse. Please ask god to soften my husbands heart toward me and forgive me and give us another chance. In Jesus name amen

Please pray for me that I find the strength I need on a daily basis to find a permanent job with benefits.

I pray that i will find relief from the pain in my back, shoulder and arms. I need the surgery to fiix the shoulder, but something is going on with my heart. I ask the Father to help me and give me pain relief. Thank you.