Pray for Others

God, please give Serenity a healthy baby, bless her son, heal him. Bless her and her family, bless her husband's job. Give them peace

God, please heal brother Andrew's father, heal his illness, bless his health and bless his family!

God, please bless my mother, give her healthy kidneys if you will. Please bless my mother!

My son Raphael is in O. for another week. Just asking for prayers that he stays safe & well over there and then has a safe trip home.

Dear Prayer Team,
I would love it if you prayed for me! My husband and I have been going through rough times and bad health issues.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

That he & his crew be paid by Mon for his Oil Field wk done. Last wk, Pres told him, they'd be pd today; didn't happen. He is wking FT, 6-10hrs away from his fmly(wife,4yr & 3mo old sons). They (Drew & his crew) need some miracles; need their salaries to be paid for honest, hard work.

I recently requested prayers for my children's mother who has now been in the hospital for 5 weeks. We did not think she would make it, but thanks to all the prayers and God above, she is slowly getting better. We still need prayers as she still has a long way to go, is losing faith, and wants to give up. Please help us pray for her to stay strong and remember that with God all things are possible. Thank you for your prayers!

please bless my oldest son to be able to stand on his own 2 feet-to get out of his depressive & complete anxiety state. hES BEEN LIKE THIS MOST OF his life & its dibilitating-i dont think he will ever to be on his own & hes already 23 -this saddens me -
also PLEASE let me find financial freedom & be able to find a job that I LOVE then being forced to go where makes me unhappy & sad. ive made some real bad decisions that i need o fix =please bless all of my beautiful children THANK YOU

Dear Friends, Please say a little prayer for my children. I hope they know how much I love them, how much they are loved, always. I pray they stay healthy, happy, safe, peaceful, loving, kind, together with everyone they love & everyone who loves them, provided for in every way comfortably. Thank you & blessings to you!

Our friend, Jenny and her family, back in ICU, with fluid on lungs and undiagnosed illness. She has 2 small children/