Pray for Others

My brothers and sisters, I come before you in prayer on behalf of my sister, Colleen, who is plagued with a life of addiction which has brought her to the very gates of Hell. She is tormented and ripped apart daily by the vicious and predatorial negative energies of this world that seek the destruction of the children of God, of which she is. I ask for prayers that she would be delivered from this torment and brought back into the loving peace and grace of God. Amen.

Need the Lord to see my coming biopsy is not cancerous. Praise Jesus.

Please agree with me that God will bless my family with the finances to pay the rent today, in Jesus Name I pray.

I ask for prayers for my daughter, she has been having very bad migraine headaches for the last couple months, I ask for prayers of healing, for whatever is causing these headaches to go away, I pray in Jesus name, amen.

Please pray that God Almighty will somehow give me the right husband after almost losing hope, and that it will be soon. I read the good story you sent to us in the e-mail about the girl finding the cowboy that she wanted and married him and living happily. It made me wish for a husband more than ever. I know that all things are possible with God.

Pray God will break the chain of fear,pride,wrath off me

Praying in Jesus name that the relationship /bound between Richard and I will be strenghten blessed and long lasting please lord mend our hearts and yoke us both in Jesus name I pray Amen thank you God Bless

Please pray for complete healing and continued blessings.

Please pray for safe travel for Mark-, CA as he drives Saturday to -and - and home again on Saturday evening or Sunday; may he be spared delay, bad weather, accidents, tickets, theft, illness, flat tires, breakdowns, or any other travel-related problems.

Pls pray for a godly mature responsible husband for me, i am 42 years old already and i really want to have my own family. Pls pray for a financial breakthrough in my laundry business and a new Job/ business opportunities in my life thank you Linda