Pray for Others

I am praying God for give me for anything that I have done to disappoint him. Praying for an increase in him that I may Walk by faith and not by sight. Asking God for Wisdom to do better each and every day. Asking God to teach me how to humble my heart and bridle my tongue. Praying for God to order my steps today and every day so that I may follow him. Show me how to increase my faith in him every minute. Praying for God to use me for the up bringing of his kingdom. Jesus teach me how to better serve you with open heart. Please teach me how to be a better mother a better wife. Show me how to give it all I got. Jesus hold my family in your hands. Lord we love you. You are the head of this house and Lord we trust you.

Please dear Jesus, let me have good results from my upcoming PSA blood test for Prostate Cancer.

Dear Lord, Please help me to pray about my concerns and worries. Allow me to place all in Your hands. Thy will be done.

Please pray for my grandson Zachary and to keep him safe from drugs and dangerous and people that are making him do things that he was not doing.and keep him away from danger friends and help him to change and get the help and support from people and prayers to help him change thank you for your blessings and prayers. Marion

I just wanted to thank you for praying for my daughter. On January 30th she had emergency surgery and they took 1.7 liters of infection out of her from a cyst on her ovary that had busted. She was doing great but facing another surgery for fluid on her right lung still. They had attempted to get the fluid off twice and could not because it was so thick. She had another cat scan and got the results yesterday. The fluid is gone and her lungs are clear. Thank you so much for praying!! I thank God so much for answering this prayer.

I am a 60 year old woman who needs to loose weight and overcome pre-diabetes.
Plese agree with me in prayer that God will help me to be self-disciplined in my eating and exercising habits! I pray and pray, and try and try, and eventually give up. I know I need to take care of my body better, as unto the Lord. In addition, I have gone back to Bible school to finish a course of study, started years ago. It is not easy! I need self-discipline and God's strength for my mind to retain and understand. Thank you so much for believing in prayer with me!

Will you everyone please pray that Juanita will be brought back to the north side of the building for Friday,Saturday Sunday. This is my side of the building and I really need her. Thanks and God bless,Ann

Prayers that my Daughter Leslie - will stop using me & be an adult & pay her way in this world without me paying her way! Wants to take a vacation when she owes bills etc. Living in my house without paying a dime. Puts some food in the house. I have her daughter & boyfriend living here as well. Please pray for me to get some courage to live without this mess. Thanks Laurie -

Timothy in in constant need of prayer. Please pray in the name of Jesus that his heart will be healed and that he will be inspired to get a job. Please touch his life with guidance.

Please pray Bill is asked to be a perminant employee soon.