Pray for Others

Please pray for me .I need God's guidance in prayer.

Got 5_Day Notice to vacate on Friday the 5th this morning. Still have no funds, no truck, no driver, no new place to go in Ca yet. In just cold shock, can't drink water, can't eat, just dizzy. Where is my Lord? I don't want to be on the dirty, cold dangerous streets here in H. with my two beautiful dogs..

Please Lord, blessour son Alexander. He has just been diagnosed with autism. He is 6 years old and as parents, we are extremely in need of your spiritual guidance to deal with his diagnosis. We thank you Father God, for the blessing of Alexander and all your blessings. In the name of the Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.

Please pray for good test results on my 11 yr old grandson, that was brought in for being unresponsive at school.

Ask for knowledge to make the right choice in my career decisions and to find my passion and to pursue it.
Thank you.

Urgently prayer againts heart attack

Pray for my fibromyalgia fatigue. It is ongoing and limiting. I would like to be able to attend Church in the mornings and be more active.
Thank you! And God bless all of you prayer warriors!

Healingo of a blood vessel rupture of the eye and for what's causing it.

May God Bless Everyone !Thank You God for You & everyone who prays!!! TY God for loving my son Mike, held safely in Your arms, for Your help on our journeys, with perceptions & regulated emotions, healing from & protection protection from negative actions & energies!! & forgiveness of the past for us both!! For peaceful happy resolution of needed issues & LOVING EACH OTHER. TY God for healing, forgiveness, patience with each other, my willingness to heal, relieve his burdens, his willingness to cease unhelpful behaviors, support my healing needs, & willingness to help shield me from stresses. Particularly, I pray for his mercies so he doesn't abandon me or his or my needs, in this, & our being freed fm fear. TY for Your help God that we easily Rest & SLEEP, Rest & SLEEP!! Guided by You. For Your Blessings to his work on U. C., Book, & my hopes. TY God for Your mannnny blessings for Everyone today!!!

Dear Lord- I come before you to ask that you restore Katie and Trey's feelings- renew their relationship and help them to be friends and find love again. In Jesus Name I pray- Amen