Pray for Others

Please pray for A that she may resolve her anxiety and fears in her life. Pray she is able to achieve good mental health and have a good marriage. Pray for her to find her faith.

Please pray for Joann.

Please pray for my daughter Joveeta -r, who will be 15 next month. Please pray that she will be able to concentrate on her studies and not be addicted to Tamil movies and songs and neglect her studies. She will be sitting for a public examination this September and her grades are very low and she needs to buck up.
i have arranged home tuition but it is not helping. I really don't know what to do anymore. Thank you.

Jeanne - I need prayer for a situation at church and with my family both. I am under way too much stress in both these situations and I need something major to change for my peace of mind and well being, a.s.a.p. please!!!

Please pray for a granddaughter (age 14) who is suffering with suicidal depression and is now in a hospital for treatment. And prayers for her parents and sisters and caregivers.

pray for my friends Lisa and Charles they both have been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer

Prayers for Jessica, we lift her up for healing whether it be mental, physical or both. She suffers from debilitating headaches and a has, in the past 6 months, demonstrated a complete personality change to certain people in her life.

Please pray for husband who's family made a questionable purchase of family land he has farmed for 20 years for him and his now deceased Mother. Everything was done without his knowledge, now his nephew (who land could not be sold to according to deed) and his sister who sold are giving him a horrid time on the land division and sister's cows he had fed and cared for 14 years. Now they have shut off electric and it is through the house (unoccupied) as his Mother had for years. It is in his name and nephew threw breaker and he needs it for electric fence. Pray this and other untrue issues are resolved promptly and land division is swift and fair. Thank you.

Please help me to find my American Express card. It disappeared into oblivion/another dimension/alternate universe on 3/26/15.

Ty for prayers that stress anxiety fear be lifted off now, that calm, centered, strong experience resume, to more fully feel Your Guiding Loving Presence Lord. To know from this place exactly what is needed, which treatment, which actions for life. Blessings for Dr. Mark D, affordable fees, perfect willingness for work together. For LTNBO be answered as so it is, NOW. For all people tools resources practitioners (for everyone) here now that SAFELY PROTECTED GUIDED help move me through this, including all that's needed at Foster Care, stresses/workload handleable, lowered. For loving practitioner who creates SAFETY, yet has ability needed to heal/end this!! SBIIPIYNLJC AMEN!