Pray for Others

Please pray we get to adopt our foster children.

I have just been diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to my spinal cord and bones I also have a piturity tumor in my head and my parathyroids are un balanced causing calcium to leak and come out of my bones . I have kidney stones in both kidneys. Please can you pray for Jesus to heal and cure all the health issues nothing is impossible for God and every plant that he did not plant shall be rooted up he never put any of this in my body and i believe he will cure me completely for his fathers glory if you can stand with me and believe with me I would be so deeply grateful Thank you so much I believe in the power of prayer

Please pray for my family that Gods presence in the midst of divorce. financial ruin and lack of love for each other pray for complete healing for my bother and his abuse of alcohol. Pray for my parents as they are elderly and dealing with all of it. God is good and I know will prevail. Thanks

I've been unemployed for almost two years. Please pray that God would open a door for employment soon.

I've been unemployed for almost two years. Please pray that God would open a door for me to get employment soon. Thank you.

For the safety of everyone in our community including visitors during the celebration of class reunions the first weekend in June. Thank you and God bless

For my sons to meet wonderful Christian women to marry. May their faith increase and may I be patient and trust in the Lord's perfect timing. Thank you and God bless

Please pray that Cecily goes and stays at her mom's this weekend. I don't want to deal with her and I need a break of my own. Pray that M is at his mom's this weekend as well thank you

Please pray for my cousin Ron who suffers from Parkingtons disease. May our Lord heal him.

Dear God, i can no more, please help me, i need your help, i need a big miracle from you to pay all i debt, please God, My Lord and Savior, blow your wind in my life, do a big favor in my finances, let me a second chance to pay all i debt, i´m alone, the people from here don´t help me, i really need help to pay all, only You can Help me please, don´t forget me