Pray for Others

Please pray hard for God to heal Alan's back without surgery or further treatments and, especially, to free him from extreme, constant pain! Thank you and may God bless you all as well. I ask in the name of Christ. mom

I am once again asking for prAyer for my roommate and I to heal our friendship. His pill addiction is getting worse. He is taking out his frustrations on me. It hurts. Its not fair. But he would chose drug toxic ppl over our friendship. So I am praying for him to make a better decision and mend our friendship. He has court in morning for vehicular homicide dwi! It could go very badly. Need prayers ASAP! God bless!

My daughter has people here at our house who came a 1,000 miles to visit her. While here their car started having problems. Took it to the dealers this morning and still no word on what is wrong. They need to leave in 2 days. They need prayer for God to work a miracle with th.eir car. Thank you for praying

I need prayer for the healing of my stomach. I had surgery in November, December and January. I had to have another one May 13, 2015. I believe God can do anything but Fail.

Dear God:
Help me find a great paying full-time job soon. Let it be forty hours per week, 9am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. Let the boss I have be honest and decent.

I really need prayer for me to be blessed with some money to get my car fixed. I need my teeth fixed. I need my bathtub & sink fixed. My floors & my house need a lot of work & I need for my payday loans to be paid off. My son also needs a job & some help to keep his PGE turned on & his rent to be paid & not to lose his car or truck. We need to be able to get some steady income. We need to trust that God is going to take care of us & some good will come of these hardships. I need prayer for my daughter to get the job she is interviewing for today. She needs to regain custody of her children & to get a car & job. Thank you so much for the additional prayers. Makes me feel, with your helpful prayers, that we can get through this trial. Just this site being available on here is wonderful. Thank you very much.

Please pray for my son Mark and son Danny. who are both sober & my youngest son Michael who has been clean and sober for almost 5 years...

I have misplaced my birth certificate and my social security card. I have misplaced them, cannot find them, do not remember where I put them. Please pray that I find these important documents soon.

Please pray for my brother john. He is in kidney failure. Thsnk you

pls pray for me. to stop worrying. and then stress. and time management. spiritual maturity.