Pray for Others

for direction, protection, working 19 hr days, fiance dying cancer, his business support. Lord pour on your mercy and grace/

I have been sick from the time I was 4 months pregnant. I have lost the baby a week later (2nd baby) and have still not recovered. It has been over 2 months now and I am still suffering. I have been to doctors, specialists etc. but all tests have come back clear. I need prayer so desperately as I just want to be back to "normal". Pastors at churches and many other people have prayed for me, I still continue praying as well. Please pray with your group of people for my 100 % healing, thank you.

My son Ralph - is in jail...goes to court...I pray that the Lord intervenes. ..its on Fri thank you for your prayers

Praise and thanks to Our Lord, who has been gracious, loving, generous and ever faithful. Please pray with me to our Father for supreme strong guidance and financial resource, to the college where Erika will be most happy and successful. Amen

My husband Marvin is a new Pastor. He has not yet been paid a salary for his labor for we are a small church. I run a small cleaning business and God supplies for the bills. Marvin needs a hip replace as soon as possible. He is in such pain he can hardly walk. He does not have insurance. W e applied for one and he was denied. I will apply for others, but we need direction and a favor. He has an appointment by faith with a specialist on march 10. Please pray God will make a way. Its hard to watch him suffer,last check up the doctor told us his hip is bone on bone.Thank you and may GOD bless you all

Lord, thank you for the progress of today. Help us finish our tasks tomorrow of clearing the storage unit. Help us to start a new journey in life as we put the past aside. Thank you Lord, Amen.

I am the mother of four teens, three are adopted. Each child is having different problems and this is making our family dysfunctional. We are getting help from excellent counselors and psychiatristo but things seem to be getting worse instead of better. I need to be a firmer disciplinarian, but more than that I need God to step in and save this family he has created. Please help me to hand my family over to God in complete trust so he can heal us and use us for his glory. Thank you for praying for us and God bless yoy.

Dear Lord God in Heaven.....Thanking you in advance for sending your angels with the miracle of healing to my cousin Le Ann and rid her body of any and all cancer. Thank you for restoring her to health and recovery from chemo and radiation treatments. Bless her and her family now and forever. To the glory of God and in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

I too want a cowboy for a husband. Hard working and Jack of all trades. Tall and handsome. Loves me, solid in God and his Word. Loves my mama. Generous but not afraid to say no to me. Health minded. A cuddle buddy. Lets me have my space every now and then. Thank you, in Jesus name Amen.

Thank You dear Lord in Heaven for healing my elderly parents mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank You for blessing them with the peace and love that comes from You. Thank You for giving them the courage and strength to stay in their own home. Comfort them dear Lord. In the name of Christ we pray.