Pray for Others

Please pray for This is a test.

Please please pray that God shows me exactly what I need to study for finals for the nursing program. I'm terrified, and I HAVE to do well to pass. Please give me the confidence I need to believe in myself.Please Jesus help me pass. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Please continue to pray for my 18 year old son Chris. He has decided to move home and work on his recovery and believes God is working in his life and has done a 180 degree turnaround in the last 4 days - something is different and he truly feels and looks different. Pray for continued strength and faith for Chris as he travels this new path and for us as his parents to learn to trust and support him in the days ahead. Thank you for your prayers :)

Phil - In a den of iniquity. Please pray for him to surface victoriously with Christ.

I beg of you to pray I pass first semester of the nursing program. I'm terrified, pray I do great on my finals and get to move to second semester. In Jesus name i pray. AMEN.

I am having an issue on my job with my FMLA. I was terminated by surprise. I meet with HR today. They wanted me to get more documentation from my doctor. My doctor got the documentation letter ready. So, I took it back to my job. The lady in HR that the head woman will be back tomorrow and it will be reviewed and they will let me know. I’m hoping for speedy favorable decision. I also know, that even if I get reinstated that I need to find another job. I can't keep getting cursed out all day long not making too much more than min wage at a call center. I been looking into T. C. I'm learning that they will pay adult children to care for disabled aging parents. I have filled out the application, just to add some more pieces of information it and fax it. So, hopefully I will be able to be a paid caregiver to my mom.

I need prayer for more than just finances. A lot could be fixed with some financial help, but I need so much more. I feel like God has abandoned me & my family. My daughter goes to court today to see about getting her kids back. Please pray it all goes in her favor. Please pray that my son gets a job. Please pray that he gets his car & truck working & is able to pay his pawn bills & rent. Please pray that my other son gets in a rehab home. Please pray he gets the mental help he needs. Please pray that my niece is healed. Please pray that my own problems will be fixed. My car was vandalized & I need for it to be running. I need money to get it fixed. I need my house fixed. I need money to fix everything. My refrigerator is not keeping things cold. My son tried to fix it but still not keeping things cold. Please pray the cemetery plots sell. Please pray the God sends me a positive sign He still loves & will help me. Thank you for praying for me & my family.

my marriage is a source of pain and agitation for me, I am calling those things that be not as though they were concerning this matter. I decree and declare peace and strength and healing and faith, forgiveness and love concerning him over myself, that I am going to make it though to the promise God gave me concerning this marriage. I thank God for my husbands salvation, and dealing and deliverance of his life for death and hell. I decree and declare your wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning this matter.Strength and might beyond strength and might, along with insight. Lord, I thank you and give you glory, honor and praise in Jesus name

Please, please, please help me pray for my partner, Stephen, for his presentation tomorrow. Help me pray that the commander would be very impressed with what Stephen has present as this will secure his employment for the next few months. Help me pray that the bank for his shared services business would pay out urgently and that they would also be really impressed with the work his company is delivering. I also want to pray for my son and daughter. Help me pray that my son will do extremely well at school in his assessments and levels so he can up his levels and secure a place in his and our school of choice. Help me pray that my daughter will stay on the good path, forget about he drug and alcohol addiction and know how to deal with her anger. Thank you and may God bless

I pray for God's guidance and strength as well as wisdom and favor to do what I am called to do with discerning spirits. I pray for the sick and shut in healing for all people dealing with addictions of any kind. I ask the Lord to anoint me fresh and cause me to do his will and break instantly the power of addiction off of the life of those affected by it. Sex addiction, drug addiction, food addiction, shopping, gambling and so on and so forth. I detest these things that destroy people and make them forget about there families, children, marriages. I pray that The Lord will so empower me to change the life of those around me forever and ever. thank you in Jesus name