Pray for Others

I ask the Lord for special guidance in planning Steven's next school years so they meet Steven's career and financial goals, are a good fit for his disabilities, and follow God's Plans for him. May God's Will be done!

My mother has been fighting off nausea and dizziness quite a bit lately. She'll fight it off and feel a little better for a day or two and then it comes back. She can't seem to fully shake it. She's feeling worse again today and she looks so pale and has a fever. Please keep her in your prayers for a full healing. She is precious and I hate to see her in such misery.

Please pray that God will send me two young people that i can handle to foster. I have been waiting a long time. Please also pray that I am patient in my waiting and that I can be a blessing to others.

I put my lot fee check in with my mail that I always just take to office/ it did not have an address or stamp as it wasn't meant to be mailed/ not sure if mailman caught it & dropped at office or if my chk will be laying doormat somewhere with no return to me / please pray it has made its way to the office outside box as it wld not need a stamp if mailman has caught it/ I hate to put a stop on chk at 35 $ when it is made out to the office / please pray that it somehow turned up at the office / I never meant to put it in the mail box---just wasn't paying attention I guess------

I tried online dating and I was scammed by FOUR different women of over $57,000. I know that God and Jesus have forgievn my stupidity but I have NOT forgiven myself. mike +++

God so many in deep need, please also pray for mike & heart /john l his heart also/john m/julisia cancer/92 yr old mother strength health stability physical & mental/ sister blessings /david - blessings salvation/transition at work for new procedures to be easy & profitable/travel mercys for cindy-/blessings in every need posted both spoken & unspoken , gene to not need dialysis/Rachel not to abort/ healing of my back, that God will hear & grant answers in this hour in Jesus Holy name amen

My mom has had a ruff way to go,.she didnt start out as alcholic but.eventually she joined in,.shes had a lot if heartache, always gripping and negative. Love to see her set free. Shes 72 . She needs to l now True joy and peace god brings. She is saved.

Father Please continue to guide me through our financial disasters and please help us take care of Mom. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

My family is going through a difficult time in our lives, and we desperately need a renewal of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Please pray that our family feels the strength of God in our lives again soon. Thank you.

Please pray Kate stop butting in and telling my kids what to do when they get in trouble. She has a different way of her thoughts on parenting then I want to raise my kids get kids didn't turn out very well. She needs to butt out. Quit making comments and telling my 6 and 3 year old they can be outside alone she grew up in the 50s time has changed big time and I don't appreciate her 2 cents. She want even around half the time to raise her kids. My dad won't put a car seat for my kids in his car cuz they didn't use to use them and I fear for my childs safety your prayers are appreciated thank you!!