Pray for Others

Please pray for the total and complete healing of my 17-month-old granddaughter, Victoria -, from numerous health issues: healing from kidney reflux (kidney surgery March 5, 2015), UTIs, severe hypotonia (low muscle tone) in her neck and shoulders that need to be strengthened so she can hold her head up, and sit up on her own, that she would be healed from a small inside cleft palate (so it will close up completely) so she would be able to eat and drink normally by her mouth and be permanently off a feeding tube, that Victoria be healed from recurring congestion, acid reflux, sleep apnea, all hearing problems (deaf in left ear and only partial hearing in right ear). Please pray for supernatural wisdom, guidance, and direction for Victoria- doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, neurologists, urologists, and Victoria’s parents, Monica & Joe - to aid in Victoria's health naturally. In Jesus name. Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the many blessings which you bestow upon me each day. I am truly blessed and I am grateful. I ask for continued healing and energy to finish those things I have given my word to do and the others things that I really want to get done. Please keep my mind clear and focused so I can serve those who need me most. Please grant this request and all other things you know I need. In Jesus Name, Amen.

my hubby and i put some balance transfers this morning we need prayer that everything will be payed off

Prayers of healing requested for my friend Olivia U who is battling cancer.

Please Lord Jesus Help Me Not To Worry No More. I Trust You Will Take Care Of Everything. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

I fell twice in two days and injured my back, neck, head and shoulder, keeping me away from work. I'm my sole support. Thank you for your prayers.

please pray that I get the money that I need to pay the bills that are due,thank you

please pray for the fiancial help that I need,I am in great need of your prayers,thank you

Please pray that God takes care of the situation with my lease, according to His will and pray that I am not charged extra and I receive my $900 deposit back. Thank you for your prayers.

I need a job that will give me comfort. I work as a sub, so I do not know for sure I will work, though I do work every day pretty much. My husband is off sick and because he was hurt at work, the fight his every move. He needs something done to help his back. But the refuse to let him go to doctors ( compensation) because I promise this is true. Their doctors check him and then lie about what they did and what he said. So, He is getting where he never stops hurting and no one will help. He is in his 53 and he got hurt about 6 years ago I think. It just keeps getting worse, by he hurts more and more. And the judges keep denying him to see doctors or to get an MRI. We so badly need God's hand in this. We have 3 children 19,20., 23, our oldest is out of church and has decided since he moved out and met rich, educated people, that he doesn't believe in God. Please pray with me to renew his faith, and to see that our girls complete college (this year)