Pray for Others

Jeanne - I am faced with a decision in the workplace. Please pray for me to make the best decision right now in my workplace.

I fractured my ankle in March. I was on a splint and then a cast for four weeks. I am now in a boot. I am going to the doc for a checkup on tomorrow. Right now I cannot put weight on my left foot. I pray that the doc will tell me that I can put weight on my foot and that I am getting better.

For MIchelle's safety, she will be flying this weekend. Her mother Dorothy is requesting this. Thank you!

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for Brian.

Please pray that i receive the funds to pay some bills i have owing. I worry and it is effecting my health. in sweet Jesus name i pray Amen!

still looking for a place to move to by end of may. checked out an income based place good rate if im approved. wish it was closer in locaton. pray I can get it or God will guide me to someplace else

On this National Day of Prayer l would like to pray for my family. Lawrence,Steven,David and Matthew to bless them and us protect us help us to prosper. And to help others as Jesus would and forgive others.Amen

Dear Lord I put my little Ashley's worries in your hand, Dear Lord You are bigger than any problem. Please heal and be with my Ashley. I trust you with her Lord, and with all my children. Thank you in advance for the wonderful blessing you will send us. AMEN

over 3 years ago I was hurt by a bad medical product everyone says I was hurt terribly by this product and I have filed a lawsuit it's been going on for 3 years now please pray that this lawsuit is settled soon and that we can agree on an amount with the medical company the devil is attacking us because we become more active in following Jesus and praying the devil is attacking me and my husband both and making life miserable I will not forsake Jesus because I love him so much and my faith is strong my husband asked in the middle of this financial Holocaust where is God I know he's with us Please pray the God will bless us soon with the end of the lawsuit and that my husband will be come even stronger in God's love please pray that the Holy Spirit Guides us to do God's work that is something we've always wanted to do I have lost my job we have lost everything please pray that this all will come to an end soon we need a miracle in our life and in our marriage