Pray for Others

My name is Joanne - I am a Psychotherapist, & now actively looking for a new job/ position, joining the best possible group of clinicians which will further adhere to my growth & development of my career. I need all of the love, light, & blessings sent my way, for the best opportunity to present itself. God's blessings to you.

Please pray that my husband and I can get out of debt. For too long, I have pushed the blame off of myself and I understand now that I need to make some changes in my life. I know that God is nudging me to change our financial situation and to live the life he has given us - instead of trying to buy more to impress others.

Lord,please send me a new job with better hours and benefits. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray for my boyfriend Anthony. He's a kind and good man but he is struggling with addiction to crack and marijuana. He grew up in a home with both parents doing drugs and still do. They abandoned him at the age of 15 so he dropped out of school and started working and selling drugs to support himself. He is a very hard working man but all his money goes to drugs. He has 3 children that he has lost custody of and deals with a lot of depression.He does not sell drugs anymore but still makes connections for his friends. He has a good heart and is always there to help anyone he can. I believe God has great plans for him. He just needs healing.

please pray for me that I will overcome homosexuality. I know that this is wrong and I know it says so because its in God's Word. Please pray that I will overcome this someway and some how I have been dealing with this for quite sometime now! I know that God Helped Dennis - in this I know that God can help me through this as well. I know that its in Gods timing. I have Prayed and Prayed to overcome this! I do not know if God hears my prayers or not I am a Christian and have went to Church all my life and Played the piano and stuff like that and lived this lie about myself all the time thinking that its right and its not! Pray that God will send someone my way a Christian Brother to help me and Guide me and Pray with me someone that will be there for me through it all no matter what I am going through. I would love to have a Christian Brother who has went through the same thing as I am going through!

please pray for me. I have not been in church in almost 10 years. I use to play the piano at church but when it came time to do Christmas and Easter musicals I got left out because I could not read sheet music. I feel like that this was wrong because there is nothing in the Bible that says you have to read music to play for Church. God Gave me this talent to play this way and I hope to find church that wants a piano player like me! I have played piano at my home church on sunday morning and sunday nights and we did old time hymns and when it came to contemporary music I didn't get to play because I couldn't read sheet music! Keep me in your Prayers that there will be a Church out there that would want me because of the way I play music. God Gave me this talent. Thanks so much! I love you all, you are my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Please join me in praying for an old school friend of mine, "Joan," who has recently had major surgery for cancer of the small intestine with spread to the lymph system. She was a great schoolmate from Kindergarten through high school graduation, then we went to college in other states and I have not seen her since. But I truly want to support her and her family with prayer and so appreciate your dedication to that purpose. Thank you so much, Cheryl

My husband's job of 33 yrs is coming to an end. We need wisdom & direction for the future. Also, I have arthritis that is causing constant and extreme pain. Spine and many joints are affected. Thank you for your prayers. Katherine

Please pray that God gets a water leak repaired in my home quickly. This was to be done late last week; however, the water level for detection was not where it ought to be. Now the weather has gotten bad further delaying the leak repair. Please pray that the leak finder guy/plumber can get this resolved this week/early next week. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

***Please Pray, for my 83 yr. old body, which has many health issues, including Chronic Heart Condition, Arthritis throughout, and difficulty, in keeping balance. Thanks Deward in Texas