Pray for Others

My prayer request is for Ernest - ,who is a vet and sick in the hospital since November. I pray healing of his body and faith to be strengthen in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen

First of all I want to thank the Lord for all the blessing he has given myself and my family. I am surrendering all my and my families burdens and worries to him. Lord my family is in your hands, Thank you in advance for all you have in store for us. The best is yet to come. AMEN

Please pray for me that I am making the right decision taking another position the end of May. Please Lord give me clarity. Thank you so much for all my blessings. Please pray for the people in Nepal.

Please keep my sister in law Faye in your prayers she has COPD,& she was a very heavy smoker, he breathing is very hard,they will be sending her home, & hospices will be taking care of her, I pray that God will be with her & her family at this difficult time, God can heal, I pray for a divine healing, thank you! Also I pray for my cousins, Rita, Wanda, Debbie,& my nieces & nephews to stop smoking, thus is a bad disease smoking. God-Bless ...

Thank you for providing this vehicle to bring our prayerful needs to the Lord through His prayer warriors. I am having a terrible time with depression which I believe is coming through the worry, stress, and fear that I am experiencing. I have been studying God's Word looking for remedies, learning to know how much He loves me. I know He is aware of my needs in this area and wants me to trust in Him but I feel so all alone. I have asked you warriors to pray for me not too long ago, as I was going through the trials and fears of prostate cancer. The doctor says I am in remission. I don't know whether the fear, worry, depression is a result of this. May I please ask you for your prayers, holding me up, while driving the enemy away by the blood that was shed by Jesus on the Cross. Pray, (please) that the Lord will allow me to reach to others. I am an extroverted man and feel really tied down when I can't move - this is where the depression comes in. Thank you for your prayers. James

I am a single mom and was recently laid off. I am asking you to pray for a speedy job search so I can continue to support my family

Please pray for my grandson Zachary and to keep him safe from drugs and dangerous people who are making the wrong decision. Pray for my son Anthony to get his job back.Please pray for me to be able to help them and to do the right thing for my family.Thank you for my blessings and prayers. Marion

Please pray for safe travels for my daughter and I. I am flying down to her college to bring her home for the summer. Thank you.

Father I know you have placed this desire of starting a new business in my heart. You are the only one that can guide me so I can get on the right business. I only want your plan for me. I love you.

We are wading through a new school application and other programs for our son and ask for prayers to listen for God's guidance.