Pray for Others

Please add Jared- to the Prayer List. He severely burned his leg, from above the knee to the ankle. His leg now has a staph infection and the doctor is talking about possible amputation of the leg above the knee. Jared is currently at the U. of M. M. C. - B. C. Please pray for a miracle.

Please pray that my husband Aaron gets a call back from the job he applied for. God please bless him with an interview. thank you

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Pray that God will soften my husband's heart and that my husband will be open to try and work on our marriage. Pray that my husband will stop seeking the world's truths and start seeking God's truths. Please pray that God will put Godly men in my husband's path and that they will be bold enough to tell him what he needs to hear and not what he wants to hear. Please pray that my husband will start reading his bible, go to God in prayer and ask that God's will be done. Pray that my husband's eyes are turned away from the other woman and back on his family. Pray that God give me the strength to face each day, to show my husband unconditional love, and to change any ways in my that are not pleasing to him. Please pray that the friendship, the laughter, the happiness, and most of all the love returns to our home...the love for God and for each other! Please pray for full restoration of our marriage.

Lord let Christina's trip tomorrow be us pick her up at the airport successfully....bless Jim's driving and then our getting her back to the airport Sunday too. In Jesus name Amen

I have 2 friends who are going through very difficult times in their lives right now.
One friend, named Saki, recently left a job she had been doing for years and is now starting another. It is a big change for her and very hard.
Another friend, named Yurina, is currently finishing her final year in a university.This is an important time for her and the amount of work and study she has to do is very intense. The outcome will change her life. Both girls are worried about their futures, and I am worried about them as well. Please say a prayer of help and support for my friends Saki and Yurina.

Please pray for Dominick, he just had bowel surgery. For Louise who is going to have Cataract surgery. For Lenore , Healing and Judy who is going on a personnal misson. Thank you.

Scott - please pray hard for this son to remain alcohol free and turn away from anything for strength other than the Lord Jesus & exercise.

P.K. - hubby - please pray for him not to tire of assisting his son in his quest for sobriety. Also, please pray for P.K. & I both to have discernment in our approach to assisting our son in this area where he is so vulnerable.

Zac - this son is working on a very large and timely project. There seems to be a deadline coming very soon. Thanks for praying confidence, skill & ability into this son especially at this time of added stress.

That God gives me guidance and the wisdom to address the severe dysfunction in my family. We need love, healing and harmony.