Pray for Others

I'm requesting prayer for three doors to open for me regarding my employment, my finances and a home! I Need a place to live before this month is out! I'm asking God to open these doors for me! I Bind lack and loose abundance, Bind unemployment and loose a full time employment opportunity/job/career where I can have a salary of $55,000 utilizing my Master's degree & my years of experience performing tasks and interacting with people where I can glorify Him and live the example before His people where my age will NOT be a problem but will be celebrated. In addition, I NEED a home. The house across the street from my sister has been vacant for two (2) years and now I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE!!! I'm Asking the Holy Spirit to guide & direct me as to how I can get this particular home. The address is 331 Trowbridge along with the vacant lot next to it! This home will be used to minister to Women as well as my home! So I'm asking God for these doors to be open for me! N the name of Jesus!!!!!!!

Please pray for my son John, who is having difficulty with his legs. Muscle strains. His job in the military require adequate mobility. Please come together and pray that God will heal his body. Please pray partners
pray that John can find the right mate to marry and spend his life with.Please pray that his continued
prayer efforts and dedication to the church he has joined will help him find comfort and peace and direct him to finding love.

Asking for God to provide a way that I can increase my finances!

Please pray for Ricky taking a test this morning that God give him wisdom and he passes.

Jeanne - I am faced with a decision in the workplace. Please pray for me to make the best decision right now in my workplace.

I fractured my ankle in March. I was on a splint and then a cast for four weeks. I am now in a boot. I am going to the doc for a checkup on tomorrow. Right now I cannot put weight on my left foot. I pray that the doc will tell me that I can put weight on my foot and that I am getting better.

For MIchelle's safety, she will be flying this weekend. Her mother Dorothy is requesting this. Thank you!

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for Brian.

Please pray that i receive the funds to pay some bills i have owing. I worry and it is effecting my health. in sweet Jesus name i pray Amen!