Pray for Others

Lord please let Edna- be going home today with ways to improve whatever her problem is with her breathing. May Darrel get his benefits restored, all of them, on Thursday. Let the plastic on his windows help his heating bill and let the Gas Company come out to determine who all is connected up with his bill. Please let Wendy do well on her assignment and let her have a better job by the time she gets back home next week. Thank you for the first payment for Marcus car be paid on time and for me getting the paperwork in tomorrow and for the check coming back soon. Thanking you in advance.

Pam and Lindsay-. They are out of the country on vacation. Pam became ill and was taken to the hospital. Her special needs daughter is alone with people checking on her. May God keep watch over both of them.

First Off I know that God is a God of all things. He can do far what we would expect. I come before his Throne asking for Immediate help in every area in my life that I require assistance. God I need you now. I ask that over the next couple weeks that you open many doors. I ask that you allow me to find a great place to live. I ask that my taxes go through. I also ask that you just help me Lord. All these things I know will be done. Amen.

Please pray for God's guidance and direction in my career choices. I need to know whether God wants me to start a new career or find work in my current career. Please pray for wisdom for me so I can be a good provider for my two boys. Thank you very much.

Please dear load be with me as I face this health scare. Please let all test turn out negative. Please give me the strength needed to get through this.

TO Brothers & Sisters in Christ
Prayer of Agreement that GOD will give favor to my Wife Linda the Supervisor position at her JOB vacancy now. She put in for this position she been at that job area of as real estate annex for 15 years now. IF Lord Jesus Christ bless her to be Supervisor it will help us out a lot. Thanks for praying for prayer requests Bro .Jerome-

Please pray for Charlie, a young man with very distressing symptoms who has not seen a doctor in most of his life. His twin brother had malignant lymphoma and he needs to see an MD and get evaluated....Many docs in this area are not taking any new patients and as a retired nurse, I am very concerned about him.....Thank you.

Lord, let today be filled with peace, smooth work flow, and harmony . Ease the pain of my daughter's injured arm and send comfort and hope to my youngest daughter. Keep my son on the easy going frame of mind of this last week as this moving chore is just about finished. Thank you for the miracles that I witnessed yesterday of answered prayers. Thank you Lord ! Amen

My husband and I are both unemployed and desperately need jobs. Christy -

My daughter Paige is gay and has surrounded herself with only gays and transgenders with drug issues and hatred toward society.
The family has accepted her and love her as God would have it.
She overdosed last Sat and her behavior is out of control.
I feel like I'm a hostage in my own home and tread on ice around her. I need God guidance. I am lost and don't know how to handle her.