Pray for Others

Prayers for my nephew Ryan who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Good health; families throughout the world

Please pray that God will make me with a clean heart. That he will give me discernment and wisdom. To bless my family and I with whatever he want us to have and appreciate it.

Please pray that my children Jenny and Becky receive every good thing.

pray that my mom will love all her kids not just William there is nine of us mom name is rosetta either one is not save. the family is torned apart. pray for Lorraine on crack tomica on crack. Vickie- who is very mean toward people. Barbara - mean. koleen - mean Loretta mean toward her brother and sisters also. pray for mom she acts like William is her god and the rest of us are so sad f you visit mom rushes you off. and William starts slaming doors and looking mad. pray that god will heal my depression. maybe a invention I have but it cost to much to put in the stores I do poetry contest. write articles and ect. I,am disable lost both knees now I have two artificle

Pray for my son, john, who is struggling with serious health problems and needs 24/7 care in a facility. Strengthen his body and his soul. He is 45 yrs old

Please pray that we find out little cat, Bessie Mae. She never leaves our yard but she has been missing since May 5th. We really miss her and want her home. Please pray that she comes home. Thank you so much.

I received the following on Wed. after I Prayed with family member We ask that Unity Please Pray for this family: need urgent world wide prayers for 2yr.old Lexie and 5 mo. Old Ryker...they are in intensive care with a virus that has gone into pnemonia...Lexie has two kinds and doctors are having trouble keeping enough oxygen in her..Ryker was just bumped up to intensive care now too..he has pnemonia too...

Dear Prayers warriors, I would continued prayer for mine & Harry's marriage, since the remolding of the kitchen, it's been awful, he wants to buy this that & the other which, the kitchen will cost enough, we can tools we need from a friend free, I pray you will open Harrys eyes, his heart, & soften his heart towards us, when he pushes my buttons sometimes I react & sometimes I'm afraid to say anything, we have been together for almost 5 yrs & this kitchen is tearing us apart,I pray God will give me peace so I won't be so afraid of him leaving me, We really have gotten along well before this a few bumbs not not like this,we have to finish the kitchen because it's almost all tore out, please keep us in your prayers, I Love Harry & I want to have a happy marriage not stressful. Thank you! God~Bless

I lost another friend. He decided to withdraw from our friendship. I pray for god favor to restore out friendship.
I also pray for another friend who withdrawal from our friendship last month. I pray he will reconsider his decision. I really miss both my friends. In jesus name.