Pray for Others

Dear Lord, my baby girl is having a Baby tonight. I ask that her and the Baby are safe and healthy during the delivery. I pray to you that all goes perfectly. I ask these things in your Sons name, Amen

I ask for prayers for my father, Roy F. He had major heart surgery last year and it was successful, thanks to God and prayers back then. He has not fully recovered from that but he is better. We just found out that he requires additional surgery for the same problem, he has a heart condition. It is very stressful and upsetting because we want him to make it through it, and it doesn't seem fair for someone to endure this type of thing more than once. It is intense, risky surgery. Please pray for Roy F. to have a successful operation this second time around, free from complications and a swift recovery. He goes to the Dr. this month to discuss everything in depth. The surgery will most likely be in June. We love him and need him here longer on Earth with us. It is an extremely difficult time for my whole family and we desperately need another miracle. Thanking you all for your prayers, it means a lot. May God bless you

My sister is complaining of sever body aches. She's had them off and on for some time, but it seems worse at the moment. The pains woke her from sleep. Please keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for me that God will make my job in L-, Pennsylvania a permanent and secure position in which I can stay until retirement, and that I will have opportunities for promotions as well. Also please pray for me that he will set my finances right and open the doors for me to get an apartment very soon. I so desperately need peace and my life to come together. I do not want to shed tears anymore. I am need to leave the struggles and heartbreaks of the past behind me. Thank you so much.

Please pray S-, A-'s D-s K-s, H-s and O-s are all happy healthy in every way. Thank U so much.

Thank you for your prayers, Amanda found her prescription for her medicine...

My husband & I are separated. My head says we need to end the marriage. My heart still hopes. I need a very very clear sign from God what to do.

I pray for forgiveness as I have not been as prayerful as I should be, that I get better at spending time in prayer
Please pray for my mom, her health and that the extra fluid on her feet can be resolved.
Also, please pray that the issue with my bother and the property arrangement will be resolved without anyone becoming upset.
Lord hear my prayers

For my sons to meet wonderful Christian women to marry. For rain for our crops. For my health. Thank you and God bless.

TY for clarity re: chair, risks of weaning from it, WHAT to do! Protection Protection Safety Safety, way for option to keep it, freed from tm & pressure!! Keep trying or call a halt, Lord. May my life be spared. What to do please? Protection for my life please, Lord! Guide me, Protect me! Thank You Lord!