Pray for Others

I thank you God for your love....I know your a loving God nd I ask for healing prayers for my brother Raul R- that you rid his body from the tip of his toes to the top of his head from cancer. I know that our prayer soldiers n I believe in the healing poet of prayer n your healing touch. Amen

please pray for my son, mark, in oregon...he is living in a 5 th wheel...has no means to move it to a place where he would be able to get a job...he doesn't have the basics for anything..i pray for God to open a door for mark that no man can close and that mark will know that God is with him...his son, kyle, refuses to help him or talk to mark was not there for him when he was growing up...i pray for kyle to forgive his dad and for mark to turn his life completely around..Psalm 91 Jer. 29:11, Matt. 18:18-20 thank you for your prayers

I ask for prayer for my sick Husband who has Colon Cancer and is taking Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. Im asking God for healing and dealing with Cancer has put a financial stress on our finances. Depression Cancer gets both Spouse's down, worry, stress, fear and doubt i ask that it be cast in the pits of Hell.

I'm praying for Steve to get his J work done today and find time to start studying for the E test

Please pray for me to gain my weight back after a stressful time and death in the family. Thank you.

Please pray for my niece Mollie C- She is 25 years old and in need of a job. Mollie has disablilities that she has tried to over come all of her life. I pray that God will find her a job where the staff is patient and kind to her.

I pray for safe and efficient travel today for the family

We would like to pay for patients & caregivers. Specifically 1. Frosty that he be completely healed from his heart condition & not needed further treatment; 2. Gary that be healed of his acute DVT & from his 2 total knee replacements. Vicki that she be healed from her infection and that her upcoming knee surgeries will be successful. 3. Tammy that she will make full recovery from breast cancer.

Wife diane will be offered full time job and will only have to travel 2-3 weeks per month. can work from home rest of time/their marriage will grow when apart.
their plans to build their home will finalize/ selling of homes in co springs and M- Ca will be exceedingly profitable. Dave's international investments will increase and come to maturity/Kristyn will have her depression /anxiety removed and lead a normal life. she has attempted suicide. will have an amazing supernatural life in Jesus name. she is only 21. pray for wisdom between Lauren and Cory concerning marriage. will be pain free and will be a marriage that works with God.

Please pray1) dave will be granted Hawaii optometry license via reciprocity/ 2) Lord will heal his immune system - strep and infections will leave his root canal tooth/body back to normal/3) hi blood sugars will normalize/Lord will remove his migraines/5) Dr bodkin protocol will work on brain chemistry/6)restore thyroid 7)heal food allergies and sensitivities8) He can have a more natural diet/ can only eat Paleo or he gets sick.
9) Please call ppm the name of the Lord and ask/invite His supernatural healing . go to Father/Holy Spirit and jesus for help and totoal healing//