Pray for Others

My family is going through a difficult time in our lives, and we desperately need a renewal of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Please pray that our family feels the strength of God in our lives again soon. Thank you.

Please pray Kate stop butting in and telling my kids what to do when they get in trouble. She has a different way of her thoughts on parenting then I want to raise my kids get kids didn't turn out very well. She needs to butt out. Quit making comments and telling my 6 and 3 year old they can be outside alone she grew up in the 50s time has changed big time and I don't appreciate her 2 cents. She want even around half the time to raise her kids. My dad won't put a car seat for my kids in his car cuz they didn't use to use them and I fear for my childs safety your prayers are appreciated thank you!!

Please help my daughter, Rayna. I beg you, Jesus, please heal her and give her hope. Help her find her way. Please guide us to help her. Thank you, Jesus,for prayers answered.

Please I'm SO depressed I need God NOW

Prayers for my little boy. Let nothing come between our relationship, his faith, extended family, God's will, etc. His dad & I divorced & know it is hard on him. Prayers he experiences a deep emotional healing. Also praying for a good, Christian man to come into my life. I long for a happy marriage.

Jesus, pls remove my fear & worry about finances. I'm a single mom & sometimes feel like I don't have any options but I have God & I know He carries me through. I pray doors open for a wage increase or better paying job. Pls also bless my business & open hearts & minds so I may help many people. My business is my passion but am stuck in a rut. Prayers the flood gates open with many people & expand my territory. Thank you.

Kindly pray that members of my family be protected from evil and evil men. A hedge of protection be built around us especially my sons. The Lord's will be done. All false court and other cases filed by the enemies be dismissed with cost. We get compensation for the harassment. My elder son gets custody of his child. The angels fight the war for us. With prayer.

That my C. house sells for full asking price this month, March 2015. Since my husband passed away on March 8th, 2015 I have need to self our beautiful home. It is killing me, but I know that it has to happen in order for me to move forward. Its too big for me and too much upkeep. It deserves a wonderful family and I pray one with children that will enjoy the home for all its glory.

Please pray for me and for my thyroid nodules to shrink and go away on their own. Please also pray that my family will be safe and healthy and happy always. Thank you.

please pray for my co-worker Ms. tara she is having surgery on Tuesday and she is very scared and nervous. Thank You and may God Bless You All.