Pray for Others

I pray in Jesus name for Loren and I that may the Lord give us guidance and may The Lord bless our relationship.i pray may the Lord be our strength

Please pray that our daughter can recover from her alcohol and relationship addictions. Please pray her self confidence will increase and she will put her trust in God. Thank you!

Please Lord Jesus Help My Situation. Let Their Be No Problems. Speak Peace To These Things Jesus. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Please pray that my follow up mammogram will show my breast is healthy with no cancer.
Thank you!

Pray for Kristin - a young mother of 2 beginning her second fight against cancer.
Pray for Deann a young mother having surgery right now for breast cancer.

Dear praying partners, I am requesting prayers for some transactions to be done I have bought and made all arrangement for my burial, I have relocated back to Canada, having bought for Florida, it cannot be transferred, I was told that it has to be sold and then re-bought in Canada,
Thank you

Dear Lord, I pray that you are with me through this phase in life I am going through. Now that I know I am gluten sensitive. Please help me to stay on my meal plan and don't fall off the wagon. I know I am not perfect, but I have no choice but to keep on eating healthy, My life depends on it. Thank you in advance for the miracles you will perform in my life and my families life. In Jesus name I pray.

Please pray for Chas and unborn child which is due... Thank u

I pray that a beloved family member returns to his family. Thank you!

Please pray for my Husband and me that we keep our current finances. Thank you so much for your help.