Pray for Others

I just wanted to update you. I got word today that I did get the job I interviewed for. I will be starting the 9th or the 16th with Department of Human Services working in the foster care. Thank you for your prayers. God is blessing me in a mighty way.

Pray for my relationship with my girlfriend , we are in a break right now due to things not working out great , I want God to help us so we can work things out and get back together stronger . Also pray for my girlfriend's salvation , I want her to know God . Her name is Wani

Carol has so many things going on in her life that she needs prayers so she can cope with them.

I've prayed so long for love leading to a Christ centered marriage to Louis. Grant me peace, favor and a miracle turn around according to Your will. I place my desires into your hands. Line my desires with Your will. Deliver me from fear, severe anxiety and depression; deliver us both. In Jesus' name. Amen

77yo Barbara, (salvation, loneliness, pain, fear, healing, reliable car, finances), 1 yr old Taylor (open eye w/o more surgery), DB, DB, K & TG (protection, healthy development), Karyn (smoking, wt. loss, health, finances), Karyn B (healing, wt. loss, dental issues, finances), Roy (asthma, car repairs, finances), Linda (wt. loss, skin condition, physical/mental/emotional healing, loneliness, love, marriage, dental, finances, guidance), Dee (drug abuse, healthcare, BP, guidance, job), Louis (sobriety, stress, sleep disorder, BP, God’s guidance, wisdom, courage ), Nikki (guidance, wisdom), HB, DB, DJ, RB, Bill, Cheryl & others seeking healing/blessings. Family prayers. Save, heal, protect, restore, provide, finances, humble our hearts & bless, Father. Thank You Father. In Jesus' name. Amen

Miracle turn around. In Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for my daughter Julia. She lacks spiritual guidance and any motivation. She needs to feel the love of Jesus Christ. She needs to be protected form wrong decisions.

P. Is experiencing panic attacks which invite paranoia. In the name of Jesus, the Christ, I cast out these things that would get in the way of wholeness. I replace them with discernment, peace, courage, clear vision, trust that God is stronger than any "enemy", Thank you!

Prayers for my daughter, a 48 yr old married mother of 5 has endured several surgeries over the years for various maladies and also suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is now about to endure 6 weeks of pain racking PT as a last resort before 2 separate surgeries on her hips due to an inherited malformation unrelated to the RA. Each surgery will be followed by 6 weeks of very painful rehab requiring heavy pain medication.
Her oldest child suffers from disabilities on the autism spectrum, the second has a heart condition. third child and son has type One Diabetes and the fourth has severe asthma requiring several medications each day. Her youngest is healthy. I know that God sent these special children to her knowing that she would do a wonderful job in bringing them up in a loving home without bitterness or remorse for all they have endured. The family lives several states away from close friends and family. She must drive the children to school. The medical bills are already about to ruin them financially. She now faces the lose of her job with trying to face this next obstacle. Her husband must work.

Please pray for grandson, Trey, who fell from a slide a couple of days ago and is in the emergency room with head pain. Thank you Linda