Pray for Others

lord please Bless me with this house at B. h. with Paul and Carlo at 1:15 April 23,2015, please Jesus

Urgent Alex and Erika. He is so mentally and verbally abusive. He has such a big mouth so hurtful. I am so exhausted of my 3 children being treated so horrible by their spouses. Please pray for Erika Ricky and teenie. URGENT MORE SO ERIKA AND RICKY

Dear Lord please guide my sister(ROSA -) and I pray the her MRI is negative..Make her strong and protect her oh Lord..Bless her will people who will guide her and comfort her in this difficult time in her live..We don't have much friends and relative that really cares..Please provide us Lord even strangers.. I feel so helpless for my sister..Lord I trust you! We surrender it all to you please be with us and don't forsake us oh Lord!..Forgive us our sins and grant your will..Brothers and sisters in Christ please pray for my sister MRI that it will be negative..In Jesus' name I pray amen..

Prayer for my grandson who is 14 years old. He is in a home that just exists. He has no excitement about doing music & sports which he is good in both. His mother won't let him call his grandparents & sometimes his dad. He has a cell phone but can't call any of his dad's side of the family . He is passive. He is happy when he is with his dad's family, however, gets real sad when he has to go home. His dad has ask for the whole summer. Please pray he will get that request.

Please pray for healing of my wrists and back/leg in Jesus Christ's Name and for my relationship with Cassy to be with God. She's looking to move away permanently. God have mercy on me through it all. Send me a mate to share life with if You are willing God. In Jesus Christ's Name we pray, Amen

Please pray for me for our Lord's guidance and blessings for other financial source other than my current job due to physical illness.i have been off since February already and I believe that it's a way of a change in mylife financially.

please pray for my neighbor's sweet elderly dog Sadie who is 16 and has not been in good health. She is still eating and drinking, but has vision and hearing problems. She is still going the bathroom outside but does not walk very well because of her age. I know that God can heal us and our animals of all our diseases. This is urgent, as her owner has made an appointment to put her to sleep tomorrow (4/23/15). Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless

Please pray for complete healing for Malissa, who rcvd a traumatic head injury from a fall from her horse & was found unconscious last night. Thanks!

Prayer is requested my my son's step grand father who suffers several health conditions. Prayer is requested for both my son not to worry and his grand ftaher to be at peace with God thru Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers

I need help... my marriage is becoming not good. My husband is sick and also accusing me of lies. which are not truth. Please pray for my marriage to improve. It used to be wonderful.