Pray for Others

please pray for the animals that are left in the winter freezing cold. Back in my home state a neighbor became concern about this dog. And they found him frozen to the ground. Please pray for his health that he will pull thru. thank you for praying for these animals

Please pray for a friend of my granddaughter, Catherine -, who has recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder. They are taking her to appropriate doctors and she seems to be getting worse. Prayers are needed for her and her family. Mother is pregnant. Thank you so very much!

i pray that god will chase the bad thoughts from my mind (which i know is the devil) and he will replace them with pleasing thoughts of joy & blessings & himself. I pray for relief from my anxiety and panic disorder as well as relief from my stomach pain. I ask for prayers for good results from my sonogram on Friday. I thank God for all his goodness and all the blessings he has already bestowed on me. I thank him that he knows what we need before we do and that he just asks us to place our faith in him & trust that everthing is for his glory. I pray for a successful surgery for my fried Pat and a speedy recovery. I thank God for this day and all its glory. I pray for a good nights sleep tonite so i can go to work to please our fathr. in Jesus name Amen

Our marriage is broken, please pray for God to convict both of us to come together and rejoin as husband and wife and love the children together.

Please pray for my family.
Thanks, Ann

I need God's guidance on how to fast and for favor with my boss, please. Love, Darcy

Miracle turn around. God's favor.

my broth-in-law, Jim has been diagnosed with possible pancreatic cancer. All the tests are not in so we aren't saing THAT word yet, but now is the time to pray for a miracle. Nancy

I'm feeling devastated. I made a mistake and lied to my love about something so stupid and insignificant. Now he is wanting to end things because he feels he can't trust me. I am a pretty honest person and I don't want to lose my love. I want to be honest and trustworthy and I want him be all those things with me. I need him to forgive me and see me as he used to. I need him to have faith in me and our relationship again. Please pray God will change his heart to forgive me and will strengthen our relationship and not let him walk away. God brought us together, I'm asking him to now heal us. Please help me pray. I am hurting so much. I really love him!

please pray for D suffering from seasonal depression,made worse
by concern about a parents cancer problem and adult child's
medical situation. she's been encouraged to pray, her answer, I tried and it doesn't work
Thank you