Pray for Others

My husband has been looking for a job for 2years and nothing. We are living off of my small salary and credit cards. We can no longer afford our home and must sell it. We probably should leave this small town. Please pray for wisdom. Please pray for the Lord to open a door to a good job. We have two teen daughters that have seen this prayer go unanswered. My desire is that they see His goodness and provision and that the Lord will grant their dad a good job.

Keep those prayers coming...they took Big John for his procedure at 6pm so I am praying this fixes the blockage in his heart. The nurse said it could be 2 to 3 hours long so we are now doing the waiting game

God please bless Grndparents JIm & SALLY - abundantly with your healng promises n JESUS name, & mercy, thank you God in jESUS precious name, YES & AMEN, Have a prayer intercessor pray for them in JESUS NAME YES AMEN! Plead JESUS BLOOD MERCY AMEN!!

Please pray for my daughter Stephanie who lost her job today. Stephanie has MS and her boss had been harassing her for some time. Please pray she will find another job and do well. She stands to lose her home and her children having lost her job. Stephanie also still has health concerns (chemo therapy and infusion treatments) which she has to have. Pray that someone will help her to file unemployment. Thank you for your prayers.

Edward, Lord, please heal his lungs In Jesus name. And Beth, remove that cancer from her lungs and body in Jesus name Amen

Can you please pray for our son as he takes his Physics test this evening at school? He has been studying the material quite diligently. Please pray that God would give him His peace and clarity of mind during the test, and that He would recall to his memory everything he needs to know for his test to do well and receive an outstanding score. Thank you for your prayers!

I am an evangelist to the J. people at Japan. I have served the community of S. c., A., Y. and Y. for almost 20 years. I am also a middle school Phy. Ed./Health teacher. I am retiring in June. I know God has plans for me. I will trust Him!

I confess I am a little nervous about re marrying at my age, but I think it is God prompting me to go forward. I also confess I need a lot of prayer to be successful and I ask for a lot of prayers, for myself and others. I just ask that this marriage proposal I am hoping to make in June in another country will be anointed of God and it will work to the Glory of God in many ways for the benefit of many many people not just my future wife and myself but for many, many, in Jesus Name

I pray and ask God for a house, Virginia I ask that God gives me favor for this house in Jesus name. Amen.

Please pray for me (Donna ).