Pray for Others

I'm still having a hard time with losing my husband 4 yrs ago. I keep praying for GOD to come and take me to heaven because my m I m is there also and they are the only 2 people that love me. Every one here on earth is mad at me. For other reasons. My 2 sons will not forgive their sister or me and therefore won't talk or have anything to do with me. My own sister is mad at me. Please pray for me. Thank you!

My dearest friend Larry is suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis. he is 57 and is very scared. two of the 3 medicines have failed so far.

My friend Mary is having colon surgery on Wednesday and will have to use a bag from now on. she is scared of her future. Please pray for her health and wisdom for the future.

She has bone cancer

Prostate bladder cancer


Father I come before you asking other beleivers to pray with me that you deloiver short term loan for my personal exxpenses of myself and family. You have blessed em with a business opportunity that will deliver plenty to pay off my debts, provide income for others and myself, and much helping others as gudie and directed by you. Thank you for delivering this blessing and thank you for hearing my prayer. Lord I do beleive you will come through, you always do. In Jesus name, Amen

Please pray for my marriage to be healed, for our hearts to soften, our wounds to be healed, us to be convicted and drawn closer to the Lord.

Please pray that God will calm the anxiety that Anne Marie is experiencing and that He would renew her
strength, her mental and physical stamina, so that she will successfully complete a very difficult graduate program and find meaningful employment. Please pray that He will help her overcome self-doubt, depression, and lethargy. Please pray that Anne Marie will seek counseling and medical treatment. We ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.