Pray for Others

Prayers of healing for my Six daughter from nosebleeds. Heal the
blood vessels in her nose. To stop all nosebleeds. She is schedule for surgery on the 30th of this month to correct this issue. I know God can heal her...

Please Lord give me peace and strength as I go for my endoscopy tomorrow , I am so worried and pray that the results are nothing serious in Jesus' name. Please Lord heal my body that I might live to see all my 7 children grow up, that I might continue to care and nurture them and my loving husband. Lord You have blessed me with a beautiful family that I love and cherish please Lord let me be around to see them grow and that I might grow older with my wonderfully patient loving husband Amen x

Mary is asking that you pray for her and husband for financial needs. They are believing that God will make a way for them to met their finances. Pray for peace and joy in the household and give them a need to read the word each day and to come together as one in the Lord believing that all things that they ask for will be met according to God will. Bless be the name of the Lord. Amen

I have been reading my bible an hour a day or so and have been getting closer to The Lord. I am glad and grateful for this. I haven't had a very successful walk with The Lord, and am wanting the rest of my life to be doing better for The Lord. I have a great fear of failing too. Please pray. Thank you/ kimmie

Please pray for Ruth she found out that she has breast cancer and they are working on the matter now. She going through a time od despair and fear. Allow God to bring peace and comfort to her situation. That she will trust in the Lord will all of her heart and soul. Pray that healing will come and that all the cancer will go back where it came from which is from Satan. Give her a mind of peace and knowing of God grace is upon her and that she is heal n the name of Jesus. Amen

Miracles for everything; Health, Money, how to survive, food, home, protection, love, hope where there is no way, to believe for a new life. In Jesus name

Please pray for Rodger and Kim they lost their home in a fire and lost everything they had. They insurance on the dwelling put not on their personal belongings. Pray for Rodger that God come into his life. That someone will be sent to him to tell him about Chris Jesus. Pray for them for financial needs and spiritual. Pray that God will come into their life and open their eyes to the real truth. Pray for peace and comfort for the both of them.

Please pray that I will be called back to work soon. Also pray for my stress and anxiety as I am behind on bills.

Help J's new shop to be successful, self supporting and profitable now. Help the fleets and cars to pour in now, please, and to be fixed without any problems with enough orders and work for 6 men and resources to increase 10x10 without hurt. These are urgent needs.Help the boat problem and house question to be fixed without any problems and expense. Help R to resolve all problems in the best possible way. Help JP, BM Charlie- & Tim to be healed completely. Help Chris, Craig and Tim, Chris & Richard. Help BB,JA, JM to get the job they want. Help Rick & me to get wonderful jobs. Help E's headaches to stop and be nothing and the foot to heal without surgery. Help J's neck & hands to heal without problems or surgery & him to get good insurance. Help Jo's foot to heal without problems or pain. Help us to have enough money to pay all bills and salaries. Help the Excur to be fixed perfectly soon. Help us to find a wonderful mech.

Please pray my husband and I can get our identity protection worked out. We are having problems enrolling in our program with this protection. Things just keep not getting worked out. Please pray we talk to the right people that are safe to talk to about this program. Thank you so much