Pray for Others

Please pray for me and my family: salvation (physical and spiritual healing) of my parents and siblings, Godly lifetime partner for me and my 2 sisters, wisdom and guidance, safety and protection, opportunities to share my advocacy: natural healing. Thank you for your prayers! God bless!

Please give us the opportunity for a few financial circumstances where you can be glorious and uplifted. Thanks for your sacrifice and blessed relationship with our friends with us. Amen

Please pray for my son, Daniel, he is incarcerated and has some serious charges pending. I know with all my heart that God is the only one who can turn this situation around with his outstretched arm and divine power. Iam believing for all dismissed charges in the mighty name of our precious Jesus ! Please pray for my son's health, his safety at the facility he is at and that his faith never waivers. Thank you, God bless you for your work in the Lord...

for an increase in my faith, please, and discernment about a trip and move to D-, Co May 7th.
Thank you

I pray that James put God First in his life, grow in God's love, make wise choices, walk with integrity, remove evil and unholy people from his life permanently, and restore our relationship to a marriage blessed by God. Thank you.

Sooooo much hurts!!!!!-I miss my mom terribly why did she have to die.?-my father is very difficult to deal with.-I miss my friends sooo much.(God knows who I am referring too.) Ive lost my home. I just see mostly more misery to come. -HELP!!!!!!!..... send me an angel please God. -Im so very tired.-I could go on and on but, i'll spare you wonderful prayerful people.-I just listed the things that are bothering me the most. -I need a miracle!!!!-please make things better God.-Please pray for my brother and I.-and also, my "father" Thanks so much !!!!! Amen and may God bless you all!!!!-Good night.

For comfort for him and his family his neice was murdered

Thank you father god for what you have done and all you are doing right now in my finances. You my mighty father will give me favor and save my home. I claim this in the name if Jesus christ. All my debt is paid in full - nothing is impossible with God. Thank you Heavenly Father amen

Please pray for my grandson Henry who is very ill. Through your prayers, please help him heal and ease his pain. Thank you so much for your support.

My husband has been looking for a job for 2years and nothing. We are living off of my small salary and credit cards. We can no longer afford our home and must sell it. We probably should leave this small town. Please pray for wisdom. Please pray for the Lord to open a door to a good job. We have two teen daughters that have seen this prayer go unanswered. My desire is that they see His goodness and provision and that the Lord will grant their dad a good job.