Pray for Others

A financial burden of $10,000 US funds hovers over our head. Please Lord deliver us from this burden within the pending due date.

I am asking for a prayer for a coworker. I think she's does a good job, but there is a pecking order that she does not fall into with the other Female employees. I really hate to see her lose her job. I ask God to soften the hearts of those who do not like her. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

Please pray for my aunt to be able to sell my grandmothers house. My grandmother passed away in December, leaving the house to my aunt and uncle. I need $12,000 for treatment of my jaw. My aunt being the kind person she is said she can help me pay for it if the house sells.
It's a beautiful house with good memories. I am hoping and praying someone will buy it and live a happy life in it and my aunt will be able to help me. In a way it would be like my Grandma is helping me from the other side too. I really need this.

I just started a new job, but something happen, I just need prayers that they will call me back,I really need this job, please pray that can keep it.

I lost my job. I have paid my tithes. We are very low on money. Please pray that a job opportunity opens where I can provide for my family. We need a miracle. Thank you for your time.

Lord, THANK YOU for another day of a sober & clear mind. I truly believe You will continue to bless my friends & family. I also believe You will return my best friend Ty back to me. I love & miss him! He brought me to you! Please let me back into his heart! Bless us to live the life we planned: marriage, babies & family!

My husband has. Been fighting cancer for 4'years. He is getting a PETSCAN as I write you. The last Scan showed something but 5 oncologist said it looked like scar tissue. This scan will definitely tells if cancer is back or it is scar tissue. Please pray that it is scar tissue

Pray for the salvation of my beloved step-father, son and niece. All are practicing Islam. Thank you

Prayers for financial guidance ! Help we are behind on our mortgage and bills. Please pray that God helps us get out of this bind and that we get back on track. I also have a test tomorrow for work that I need to pass to keep my job. Please pray I'm stressing very bad.

Please pray with me that I clearly discern and understand God's will regarding my relationship. Thank you and may God bless you. Avelon