Pray for Others

Dear God , please do a miracle in my life in my finances, let me a second chance to pay all i debt, have mercy and compasion for me, i triend to search help here in earth and nobody give a help, please help me in the name of my son and my mother i beg to you for a miracle to pay all my unpyed loans, debts, bills and credit cards, please my Lord and Savior, Save me, please give me a second chance, please do a miracle in my life and finances, please God, only you can help me, nobody can, please i promise to pay all, i promise serve you in the p., please God i need your help, i need a miracle to pay, i´m in trouble, please don´t forget me, give me a signal, please Lord i´m alone and my salary is to low to pay all, please haver mercy and compassion of me, i need your loving hand in my life, i need your wind blowing in my life, i need your favor in my financial life, i promise pay all, i promise serve you in the p, please Lord don´t forget me!

Please pray hard for my grandson, Jason. He is 25. He spent a year in A. as a combat infantry soldier. He has very bad PTSD as well as depression and severe panic disorder. Our family feels desperate. Prayer is the only answer. Thank you.

Please pray for my exboyfriend and I to find the right path for us. we broke up for the second time about 2 weeks ago. I have done my best to let it go and start to move on. He keeps trying to get me to talk to him. He was away for 5 days and messaged me multiple times that he missed me, and wanted to talk to me. Or said I should talk to him. it hasnt been an easy relationship, each time i wanted to give up God sent me a pretty clear sign to hold on a little longer. I am ok if the relationship has run its course. I love him very much, but that doesnt mean we are supposed to stay together. I am so confused because he wont stop contacting me even though this was his choice. I am asking for prayers for us to either fix this, or move on without hearbreak. We spoke briefly earlier and it wasnt pretty. I miss my best friend.

going to court for a separation from my husband of over 30 yrs. he has PTSB and has become abusive and hit our son, I would like tons of prayers, thank you.

Please pray that Cole naval comes home safely tonight and is healed of his addictions and mental stressors. Please have him come home safe alive and well. I beg of you lord

Please pray for saul. He has a drug addiction. Please pray for restoration in his marriage and restoration with family members.

please pray for kobe he afaid and scare he is so upset, he is a little boy. emergency his mother beats him very bad.she leave marks on his body. he did not do good in school. I am his grand mother . pray he can get pass this ,he need to give his mother his report card, he has being hiding it. olease GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIM LET IT BEE OVER HELP!

I pray in Jesus name for my fiancé Loren that may the Lord restore his mind and body from his drug use.I pray in Jesus name for the Lord to restore Loren and I to each other back how we were before his drug relapse .i pray may the Lord bless our relationship and make a way for us to get married and have a life with the Lord as our Jesus name I pray amen.

Please pray for my husband MICHAEL -who is a alcoholic and has cirrhosis of the liver and continues thimrink everyday He only has 20 to 15% of his liver left please jesus make him stop now. I can't continue to watch him kill himself with liquor, I don't understand how something can take over someone's life, please help him stop my sweet jesus I love you so much and believe you can make him stop....amen and thank you guidepost for your prayers.....

Please pray that our guardian angels appear and protect us