Pray for Others

i am about to lose my car and need prayer for my finances and peace. I also need prayer for my dad to acept Christ . God bless you who pray for us.

My husband due to recovery from injuries is still so upset at me and will not let go of the past. I am asking God to please help because I am thinking I cannot due this anymore. Please ask god to speak to my husband and get through to him amen

I am employed but its could be said Under employed. I used to make thousands more per month. I am finding it hard to pay all my bills, do I pay car payment then I can't pay mortgage, or food ect and of course no wiggle room.
I pray for a better paying job and better career path. I keep wondering why I am at this road block I need to move on to better career its hard being close to fifty. My family does not seem to care what happens. Husband is disabled on SS disability. Praying for break through and better prospects.

Hate my job my boss is a tyrant but I need the $. I just applied for a new job closer to home and better hours. Please pray for me. Thank you and thank God.

I would like to see Christians everywhere praying for the persecuted christians around the world, especially
in I. and like countries. Thank You.

I applied for this job over a month ago and had a interview I am still waiting on this job and heard nothing yet please pray the this job comes to me because I need it badly and have bills to pay and have to eat. please pray that I hear something soon and get hired quickly.

pray for john who is having brain biopsy Monday that it will be normal and he will be released from hospital. for healing also

Healing for Deborah - torn retina and diabetes. Total healing for her eyes. Such a given young woman.

Please pray for me to follow God's Will as I rebuild my life from the ashes of a serious illness. I will start work again tomorrow and I need to have patience and make a good impression. I haven't worked in over a year. God Bless.

Ida- is a God fearing woman who spends her days trying to find homes for homeless animals and a die hard advocate.She suffers daily with physical pain and is sad because her dog recently lost it's eye sight. Please pray for her, God knows how to comfort her and restore her body. She is such a good woman and a blessing to so many, thank you