Pray for Others

Please help us to pray for my fathers health. he is in critical condition now. please include me & my family to have strength to overcome this challenges in our lives. thank you and Amen.

Please help me with my weight problem. I struggle to reduce 100 pounds for my health's sake. Stronger faith in God. I love God and Jesus. Thanks.

Please pray that I have a safe plane ride to A. tomorrow and that my friend who is driving from A. to A. has a safe trip. Thank you

Please pray for our Easter lunch and family reunion. My husband and his brother have been hurt and rejected for years over a questionable money transaction that involved their mother.

Please pray my faith be restored. I am feeling far from God , and worried about my future. Please pray for me as I have prayed for a Godly husband a very long time and feel no closer to my revelation. I feel empty and unsure about what the future holds for me. I would love a family of my own and feel sad I may never have that. Please pray that my faith be restored and that I wouldn't feel so very empty.


Please pray that Dean finds a lucrative job close to his home so he can come back from A.

I don't know why my heart feels so hollow when I think of Jesus. Or why I have a hard time celebrating the meaning of Easter. I feel like no one understands. Heck, I don't understand!! Regardless, I will give thanks to Him regardless of how I feel. For maybe it was him that kept me and my son safe.
Forgive of my sins god. I'm sorry for feeling this way. I thank you god for everything you have done for me. I know I am blessed even though I still suffer in a way.

God I know You have huge plans for my life. I am expecting a flood of favor, blessings, and miracles today and everyday. I open my life to Your endless abundance. My life is in Your hands and I open my life to Your unlimited possibilities. God I expect to have a wonderful, blessed day. I know this will be my week. I'm expecting to have s blessed year. God I pray that if it is Your will Kevin and I are pushed back together. I pray that U'm on his mind and heart today like he is on mine. I pray for a second chance at love and friendship. I pray for a home of my own. I pray for a job that brings joy and purpose to my life. I pray for financial security, independence, stability, and comfort. Thank You Hid! Amen!

God I pray for my nephew alexis he is turning 8 on april 6 I pray God bless him and keep him always safe and protected by God also his family I pray for him good health good knowledge intelligence wisdom love for his family and he will also loved and blessed most of all faith in God and Jesus may he will love and obey Jesus God in Jesus name amen