Pray for Others

I have a granddaughter being raised by very liberal, atheist parents. Then I have a grandson and granddaughter being raised as Christian. A problem has arisen between the difference in parenting and I'm very afraid that the judgmental, self-righteous attitude being taken by the Christian family is going to prove to the other family that Christians are haters and turn them off even further. I do not know how to handle either family and really need guidance and wisdom. Also, prayers for the family's salvation would be appreciated.

My daughter has been influenced by this cult like church group. Please pray my daughter Kathleen does well on a critical college math exam today at 3 and her anxiety eases. If she does not do well she loses her major after 4 years of college and straight As, she's been flunking while spending all her time with this strict cult like church seems she had been influenced that school was too wordly, now she may lose her major. She did study finally for this test and needs to ace it to have a chance. So prayers are appreciated.

Diane will find a job in S. D. for marketing. she is looking for a job she can be at for the long haul. At least 15-20 years

God bless and heal my friend Rob that suffered two strokes. Comfort and guide his family in this difficult time. In Christ's holy name ..... amen

Please pray for Natasha who is extremely depressed, feeling hopeless and worthless as a single mom of two difficult toddlers.

Pleas continue to pay Michelle get a job

Please pray for Allison's health and for her to have strength to make the right decisions.

Please pray in the name of Jesus that Timothy will be motivated to look for a job and he will find a perfect opportunity. Please pray that he will find a job that will provide structure to his life.

We could use prayers for my son-in-law to be able to get his green card soon, find a decent job, do very, very well on his GRE tests, and be accepted by a college that provides enough financial aid. Also for my daughter to stay healthy and safe and for her pregnancy to result in a healthy baby when it's time. For her to find a job, be able to take affordable classes, and be accepted by a college near her husband, also with enough financial aid. For lots of guidance, financial support, and just plain help so they can get through these next few years. For their marriage to prosper.

I lift up my son SW, who is autistic, praying that he will be enveloped in God's Love and feeling much happier, for him to get to all classes on time, have no problems with the material, finish all his studies and homework on time, and study well enough for all his finals to get grades at least as good as before.