Pray for Others

And my children l. And my cars are broken down. And stove don't work and our home is Cold from needing door and strom door please pray for us .

Please pray for my son, Michael he has a viral infection. Please Lord put your healing hands on Michael's body and help him get well so he can go to job interviews and have your guidance to the new job from you. Lord you know someone ambushed him at the job you directed Michael to. Like he thanked God it was the perfect job and he was so happy doing what he was trained for. Please bless him Lord. Thank you Lord for answer to prayer in advance. A loving mom, Kathy

I have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck that may be related to cancer, as I am a breast cancer survivor. I am seeing the doctor for a recheck tomorrow. ALSO, my 27 year-old daughter discovered a lump in her breast. She is having surgery on Monday to have this removed and biopsied. Because I have had breast cancer and how quickly her lump developed, they are thinking this might be be cancer. I am asking for prayer for both of us, that we may both be free from cancer. My daughter is still so young. I am afraid for her.
Thank you!

Pray for my 3 son's

y Friend Lori has a niece named Jenn S from MN and in and out of M. C. 4 times this month. Her third kidney is failing as well as a heart valve. Her disease is finally getting the best of her physical being. She has hubby Ted and young kids Landon and Gracie. Jenn needs our prayers, healthy days and goodness for her family... amidst the decline and fear and hurt. May the Holy Spirit manifest Itself in amazing and healing ways. Pray for the family please.

My son had gotten on a bad road and now needs lots of prayer to help him get and stay on the right road and hope that he finds God with this journey!!

Please pray for God to deliver me from depression and despair. I am a 58yo single woman and I am so lonely that I have lost hope that I will ever have someone to love. I was abused in my childhood and by a ex-husband.
I have trouble making friends because I am so shy and wounded. Please pray that God will heal me from my broken heart, and bring a godly man into my life. Thank You, God bless you for praying for hurting souls.

Please pray for our son who has lung cancer which has now spread to his lymph nodes.

For Natali - to recover quickly and completely from emergency c section and baby Xyla who ingested blood and is in ICU at K. P. in Ca.

Not sure of category..son's wife had emergency csection yesterday at K.p. in in ICU.. 5 weeks early. son has no insurance..can't afford monthly Obamacare.....needs help getting thru Medicare etc..they say he makes too much..he barely makes payments, just bought a house so is told has assets...etc. baby is covered but needs HELP ..please pray for financial aide... ..working , honest U.s. Citizens denied or so it seems. Karl - of Calif.