Pray for Others

I have an urgent prayer request for a 25 year old NYC police officer that was shot in the face, while on duty, Saturday night. & is not doing too well according to the papers I read this morning. Looking at his picture in the paper, I think of my 25 year old son in the Navy & feel like I can relate a little to his parents pain because of my son being the same age as their son & being in a profession that serves others. The young police officier is from a town about 45 minutes from where I live & where I met my husband, so it hits too close to home. Please keep him & his family in your prayers.

Please pray for my dear friend KATHY. She is a wonderful christian woman who works constantly for our Lord and prays for everyone. She was taken to the to the hospital and they think she had a stroke. Tests are being run. Please pray for wisdom and complete recovery. Kathy is not very old and is beloved and needed by so many. She is pure sunshine! Thank you and bless you! IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Linda

My niece, Emily, is scheduled to take a nursing exam called a HESI tomorrow 5/5/15. Tomorrow will be the 5th time she's taken the test & she has to pass with a score of 900. Passing this test is the final requirement to graduate from her nursing program. Emily is a wonderful person-loves life, loves everyone, is so very caring of the young and old and she will make a great nurse! She's been working hard to prepare for this test. Please pray for her to trust her instincts, her knowledge and do well on this test. Thank you!

For my daughter Brittany to give me every other week end from taking can of my grandson so I get the rest I .need from working each week myself she needs compassionate heart to understand I need prayer for her and me peace between us and neighbors above me as well .

I agree in prayer w/the needs of this ministry & it's members. Pray for the right man of God to enter my life & move all distractions. Pray for another teaching job that I can handle at the right place and time favor & the right people. Let it happen smooth & right away. Help me to be a blessing to the faculty. LEt my income exceed what im receiving now. Another ACP that will get me certified ahead of time. HOuse straight repairs done. Credit 700. constant employment in the name of Jesus. lose 20 lbs and start bodybuilding in the name of JEsus. FOr GOd to perfect those things that concern me and my family in Jesus name. Malachi 3:9-11, Matthew 7:7, Psalm 51

I lost my temporary to permanent job in 2008 in December. And I have only work since in 4 weeks for Kelly Temporary Services problem 3 years ago I had to give my car back because I could not continue to make the payments. I live in - Ohio in the problem is I have excellent references for professional job such as in human resources. I have a college degree. But in my interviewing since I am 66 I noticed there was biased right away even for the temporary job. The problem is is that to schedule reliable bus transportation here since there is no big bus transportation it is extremely difficult even to get bus transportation a week in advance. Taking a cab to and from the job is not necessarily reliable because we only have one cab service. I have been extremely upset and losing my car be I am asking for a miracle ...

Please pray for a family that is going through a difficult time. In this household there are mental issues that is tearing them apart. please Heavenly Father give them guidance to seek the help they need. Please give them the wisdom of compassion and understanding of what each individual is going through. Thanking you in advance for your prayers.

My husband Nick has liver disease. I pray he does not suffer. Whatever is Gods will

Please pray for me (Laura).

Dear Friends, please pray for my mom Jennie who is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's and other ailments so that she is safe and healthy and remain stable. Thank you all for your prayers and support. God Bless