Pray for Others

I was laid off due to the stress of my sons problems. I worked at same job for 11 yrs.
I am looking for work and need Gods direction to the place he wants me to go.

Help me to work again

Please pray God will protect me and my 3 kids from all my enemies and their lawyer David -.Pray judge U- will give me her favor to keep sole custody of 3 boys.Pray Jason -goes to jail,pray Christine gets caught for her lies under oath and criminal past,Pray Dennis and Maryjoyce- get caught for their lies and causing seperation between me and my oldest son Ryan.Pray God will punish them for their evil against me.Pray they will be revealed and exposed by judge -.Pray Judge - sees the plan of them siding and getting information from Greg -Pray their lawyer David is caught for lying in front of judge -.Pray i get favor from judge to keep sole custody.

I am in a unhappy marriage, a very stressful work situation and having some financial problems. I ask that The Lord lift me up and give me guidance and strength to move forward. I ask the HE strengthen my faith. Amen

Please pray that I am able to get a job in my home state of California and that funds come to me so that I can relocate there

Will i ever find someone to date and marry? 2 failed marriages and 4 kids later.And nobody?

I need a answer to my financial worries today by Matthew - and Sonya -,and for God to open these doors today.

I need to be able to find a job now,so i can provide for me and my 3 kids.Pray God will open that door today.

My heal my son Dustin A- of cancer and let his chemo treatment be quick and easy for him. Don't have him move away from his family.

I pray for my son Michael Jason I pray you keep him safe. And guide his life and lead him thru the pass of righteousness and safety through out his life time make out of him a good and righteous man of God. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen,