Pray for Others

**Please Pray, for my 56 yr. old Son, Terry, in Texas, who has severe Diabetes, and past bouts, with Melanoma! Thanks

unwavering faith i will be mightily blessed with the desires of my heart and the best is yet to come! ijnip always believing! amen

Thank You Lord for Your help Right Now, help hanging in, hanging in, protection protection, help with best perceptions, Relief relief fm negative energies, forgiveness, forgiveness, for Catheron & Mike, for detachment protection Relief from fear/other negative emotions, with clear knowing, physical health, bounceback fm stresses, free of head pain, protection from TLS & SAFETY IN C's BODY, & being guided to whatever is needed, coping with current facility, & help with today, What to do, Perrrrrfect support, perfect C willllingness, please Lord! For our energy stamina strength endurance much-Protected rest SLEEP SLEEP rejuvenation clear mind & hearts for Catheron Mike Genelle & All All who need! TY God for protection protection protection (our practitioners too) especially from negative energies & emotions, TY Lord for Your many blessings & Your great love sustaining everyone!

Please pray for my two grandsons who are 14 and 16 years of age. They are raised by a single mom (our daughter), and their dad just got out jail and is in PA. They have all had a hard life, and now they are getting in trouble again, and the Mom is trying to prevent them from getting into more trouble with the authorities. There are many different needs at present protection, spiritual renewal, a stronger faith, etc. Thank you for keeping them all in pray.

please pray for my 30yr marriage. my husband gets into some moods and starts bringing up the past abd he gets very verbally abusive. i ask my God to touch his heart and soul and that he will stop being this way. it really hurts me emottionally,and hurts my son to see us arguing and him always calling me vulgar names. please pray that there will be peace and love in our home and marriage. and i know only He can change him. God bless you always....

Prayers Randy will contact me and spend time this weekend

please pray for GOD to give kayli and donna wisdom to listen and do His will.please pray for kayli to have a safe trip everywhere she goes the next few days and not have an accident or police trouble.thank you

I am trying to complete my post secondary education. So far I have struggled in maintaining a passing grade. Primarily due to the struggles of being a single parent with kids who have problems. Daughter is a rape victim. Son has a heart condition. Youngest child is rejected by her father. I am living off of student loan and accumulating a debt. I would like to eventually graduate with a Masters Degree in English. I am also passionate about working for a non for profit organization. In addition, I would like to become a write. I have had to struggle with my own issues. Raised by an unhealthy stepfather who had negatively impacted my self esteem in so many ways. Both of my parents are dead. My brothers are alcoholic. My family has adopted unhealthy ways of being. They are either: violent, abusive, addicted, or in jail. It is difficult for me because my ex was an alcoholic & recently died. I would like to connect with healthy minded/spiritual advisers. I want to be able to earn money while attending school to provide for my 3 kids. + not be discouraged, or lonesome. Thanks

I would appreciate prayers for my health medical exams coming up pray my body is preparing as the lord leads for marriage and my womb is clean and anoited and lord will bless my future spouse and me with joy of being parents and grant mom and dad grand pa and grand ma pray for jh sis for the same thing pray for her to get off line stop the weired asslocations and give her my loving brother -in-law pray for my loved one ronald b to have the love of God grow daily and hourly and secondly pray fo rwitness's to continue to move in and out of his office, neighborhood, grocery store , medical checkups are good for his age and also bus,train, car dealerships airlines when he picks me up for a visit pray for school new work , new m car pray for dads finances change business growth out of bounds so high the $$$ pays off major bills this year help becky mom pray for her healing and for her future to be a grand ma and health mind,again restored

Prayer is requested concerning my trip to China in June. Prayers for courage and wisdom, as I am feeling weak about it as the travel agent begins the process. Your prayers are most helpful. It is risky and maybe too soon, but I felt strong about it yesterday. In Jesus Name, thank you