Pray for Others

I need help with an answer for finances today.I need to be approved for disability today.I need a man to come into my life that God wants for me today.I need an answer from L- law and G- and G-but i always get nothing!I need an answer today!Im tired of praying and seeing no results.

Michael recently got out of prison. He made some bad choices and paid the price. Now that he is out he can't find a job because of his prison time (no he didn't kill anyone). He needs a job. This is starting to put a major strain on everyone. He has tried jobs from dish washer to Walmarts. No one will hire him. Odd how our government forgives and lets them out of prison but the world looks at them as some kind of scum. He is 29 years old and is depressed and has actually said it would be easier to just go back to prison. I am not well and am so afraid that if he does go back that I won't be alive when he gets out. Please please please pray for him to find a job and get his life in order. Thank you so much. Theresa mother of Michael

I pray for my relationship with Shawn that he takes some responsibility like I have too. Have so me respect by adding me to facebook and deleting this women off. Thank you

I pray that i soon get my inheritance straightened out so me and my 3 kids can live .

Please pray for my brother Hank who will have an angiogram tomorrow 2/26. Many thanks.

Ive been married 2 times.I have 4 kids.Now im a single mom with no job.I can't work.I keep praying for the right man but im always left with no mate.If God has somebody for everyone i obviously missed out.I feel rejected.Im tired of praying .

I need a miracle in my finances now.I have to pay lawyer for custody and can't work.Ive prayed for a long time and still come up empty! Im suppose to be getting a portion of a percentage of military pension but lawyer Benton hasn't made time to do that.Im trying to get disability but haven't been approved,i needed a settlement from - law and bankruptcy G- and G- but no responses.I can't take this anymore.Why won't God help?

My mom had a stroke two months agao and is stll in hospital. She can't speak and is paralyzed on the right side. She suffers from underactive Thyroids. Do pray for her speech and disability to be completely healed.

Almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and each other as we really are. Help us to grow daily in self-knowledge and mutual love, while at the same time developing our potential to love and be loved. -

Urgently pray that I wil get my month salary, overtime and half month bonus on the 8th March as I had resigned from my job and will leave Saudi Arabia for my country. Pray for a safe journey home on the 9th March. Thank you for your prayers.