Pray for Others

God will completely heal my body.Had pancreatic cancer about six years ago.Still having some nausea and burning in parts of body,I claim Healing.By His stripes I am Healed.Thanks for Praying People.

pray that my heart will convert to a normal sinus rhythm and stay there.

I could ask for any category but I guess this main one is to strengthen my faith in God to eliminate worry, stress and fear. I consider myself a Christian. Go to church and try live right, but I'm still suffering from depression and anxiety. I need help. Thanks for listening.

Need prayer for God to bring encouragement into my situation and to restore my joy so that I can serve God with absolute joy! thanks

Please pray for my friend Katie's daughter who recently attempted to commit suicide. Her depression has been a lifelong battle and the whole family needs the Lord's strength. In Jesus' name, amen.

Need prayer Social Security are saying that thy wont to stop my benefits. I need to keep my benefits I am not healthy enough to go back to work .

plenty of work are new job and prayer for ederly parents

I've lost my job and I have no income. I have obligations I have no way to meet. I don't even have money for groceries this week. Please help me to reach out to God for His help. Thank you

Scott has a drinking problem but he is searching for God really, do pray that there is someone who come into his pathway & talk to him about God & how to pray. Thank you

Please pray that my son Andrew will seek the Lord about his future. What he should go to college for and what job he can get to help out with finances. Thank you.