Pray for Others

We are a homeless family of 4. Myself & 3 kids, one of whom has kidney disease. We need a place to live or stay by this weekend or we're in serious trouble. My son's immune system is severely compromised by his medication, so a shelter is out of the question. Please pray that God makes a way for my children & myself by tomorrow. God has been very good to us so far & we need His Holy Presence & His tangible help!!! Please pray for my family!!! May God Bless you in return!!

Please pray that God will help my parents through this tough time, that He will help Dad find a job and that He will give them both peace. Please pray that He will give them the patience and the strength to wait for His answer, and pray that their stress be reduced. In Jesus' name. Amen.

My disability insurance is being messed with by insurance co.They are $3000 plus behind.They pulled this when I received it. Now it's been 1 year and they have cut for no reason and now haven't paid Jan,and Feb.I have gotten the state;s Ins.Dept involved.but they were making excuses before even they saw information.The state dept of ins. caught the same co. lying last yr,saying I had no Ins.They were forced to pay,and now playing games again with my money,and I can't afford the games or an atty.won't take on 50 insurance Lawyers without several thousand dollars and said they would bury them in papers, I need PRAYER that this Insurance company KNOW HOW BIG MY GOD IS !!!!!

request for Deandra to get well. May the doctors find out what is wrong with her. we pray that she gets better as soon as possible. Thank you lord

Trish and I were engaged, but felt God say, take some time off, so I can fix some things - that we knew needed to be fixed. She lives 3 hours away and do not get to see each other nearly enough as it is. I pray that God fixes us in every way needed and brings us back together better for Him, each other and His Kingdom than we'd ever been before and/or apart. I pray, He brings us back together happily married to one another till death do us part, doing His will, helping us help each other look more like Jesus everyday. I pray He protects our heart, minds, bodies, souls and spirits as He makes them right for Him and each other. I've suffered a tough depression through all this. I pray, He also takes the depression away and helps me find joy in Him and not in others, helps us to be the people He created us to be and allows us to be thoughs people happily married to each other till death do us part. Thank you! God bless you all!! In Jesus's name, Amen!!!

Please have Buck contact me. Take away his fear of a relationship with me and open his eyes and heart to what we had and could have. Give him the courage to try again.

praying and hoping for my mother to get well.

I am in urgent need of a prayer. I was offered a position is contingent upon me passing a background check. I will admit I am NOT a perfect person and I have been arrested in the past but the charges were dismissed. I'm praying and ask that you pray that God shows me mercy in this. As I draw near to God I am beginning to learn his forgiveness is endless but I do need to still learn to put my trust in complete faith in him as he is never faltered or failed me. I humbly ask that you pray for me in this matter

I have some kidney damage. Please pray for God to heal my kidneys.

I'm afraid I don't know God, even though I have asked Him into my heart thousands of times. Please pray that God brings me to my knees in repentance and I fully surrender to Him and finally have peace! thanks