Pray for Others

I need help in dealing with the stress in my life. My husband and I have health problems. Also other family issues.
Thanks in advance.

Please pray that our guardian angels appear and protect us

My step-father-law is waiting on quadruple bypass while a brain bleed heals, plus has a drain in gall bladder because he can't have that surgery until heart taken care of. I am responsible for all of his med schedule and doctors' appts. My 87-year old Mom has lost blood from a digestive disorder and is now at my house. My husband is waiting to hear back from a test for a serious immune disorder. Our family ranch is also under water because of the violent weather and they are trying figure how to get the cattle out. My husband and I have our own business and HAVE to keep that going while we keep all the other balls in the air. It is almost comical at this point. Please, please pray.

I need Prayer for my Sister-in-law Maryanne, her dog had major surgery on his spine and back and is recovering. Maryanne took a week's vacation to care for her dog and when she returned to work today, her boss let her go. Maryanne is a single woman with a very sick dog and now she has lost her job. I Pray for God's divine intervention and ask if He could strengthen Maryanne and Riley ( her dog) and bring this whole situation to a peaceful end and guide Maryanne to her next God chosen job and heal her dog Riley.

Dear Lord, I pray that you heal my little Ashley (10yr, old) She lives with constant worry and stress. Please dear Lord, I put her and her worries in your hands. I trust you with my child Lord, Thank you in advance for all the blessing you will send our way, and have already sent. AMEN

please ask Jesus to send me an angel on earth. My home is 3 months on my mortgage and I am so afraid, please send a miracle, please help me.

Asking for prayers for our son who is in Military training. He is really struggling, please pray that he finds the emotional strength to handle this difficult phase he is going through. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Pray for my daughter Christy and granddaughter Gracie for spiritual renewing and faith as Gracie will have to take the third grade reading test again. Help everyone to have a positive attitude renewal of faith. Amen

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.
--Ephesians 6:18, NLT

Please continue to pray for a complete healing for my husband Gary who is fighting cancer. He gets results tomorrow on his latest ct scan after months of chemo and radiation. We are believing God for good results and that Gary is healed of all the cancer and pain. In Jesus Christ name we thank God for Gary's renewed good health now. Amen