Pray for Others

I confess I am a little nervous about re marrying at my age, but I think it is God prompting me to go forward. I also confess I need a lot of prayer to be successful and I ask for a lot of prayers, for myself and others. I just ask that this marriage proposal I am hoping to make in June in another country will be anointed of God and it will work to the Glory of God in many ways for the benefit of many many people not just my future wife and myself but for many, many, in Jesus Name

I pray and ask God for a house, Virginia I ask that God gives me favor for this house in Jesus name. Amen.

Please pray for me (Donna ).

Please pray for my husband Tim who is in jail on a DWI charge. He found out on 4/21 that he has pancreatic cancer and has less than 4 months left to live. I pray that we can lower the bond to get him out of jail so he can be with his family in these last precious days. Blessings to all who've taken the time to read this and pray.

God to Save bless, forgive & keep, Dad-Jesse -, mercy.Plead Christ-JESUS blood Protection for God to bless him with truth revelation & study Holy Scriptures. JESUS name.
. Financial blessedness:Scriptures for God to bless upon him plead the blood of JESUS for blessed protection. JESUS NAME YES & Amen.

Son and Daughter be able to rest well. Daughter has a paper due. I ask she did well on her exam today. I pray for a very strong finish. Help them both to be encouraged by the grades they receive. Asking for God's favor, blessings. Prayer for Brandon, Kelsey as well, get very good grades.

My daughter is having problems breathing and I have sinus & ear infection

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to buy the house in G. across from s. P. today and everyday thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to pay off all of my credit card debt today and everyday thank you

Please prayer for results from a biopsy done today on my brother Randy. I pray for good results in this outcome . The Dr. expressed that he is hopeful. I pray that God will be merciful in this situation. Thank you for praying for my brother.