Pray for Others

Jesus constant presence in my family & friends.

Please pray for my Dog " Shadow" - he is a 13 year old Blue Healer . He might be close to 14 yrs old and he is slowing down a lot and it's hurting me deep inside - he's been such a loving boy - I am going to hurt inside if he goes home to be with the Lord soon - I say that because I believe God knows how much we love our animal companions and I think God will let these little furry kids be with us in heaven - that's what I want that's what I hope ... I took a risk when I adopted Shadow a few years ago cause Loving a Animal hurts me so bad when they pass its like so painful deep inside me - I'm hoping in Gods time Gid will be in charge and I will know what to do - it hurts thinking about it - please pray for Shadow and his well being and health and me cause I love him so much -

If someone could remember me in their prayers today - I have somehow for many years gotten messed up in my life in many ways - I'm struggling w depression , some hearing loss issues and Tinutus - financial debt is crushing me and keeping me a prisoner . ....all theses things and spiritual confusion. Thru the years I blew it and became to inward and self focused - I'm trying to correct at least that part now by trying to find ways to serve others -- anyway I would REALLY appreciate ANY prayer for me as I feel pretty beat up and just no confidence anymore - fear of future . Thanks IF anyone can say a short prayer and lift me up to our Saviour I thank u from my heart - I want tone healed and made whole and serve others for rest of my life - I'm 55 .

I need the Lord to help me with a work problem, need His mercy and Grace and guidance, asking for all to work out well in Jesus name I ask this, amen

My husband is in need of prayer. He has been requested to the administration office of his school for a meeting Friday 3/20,.7:30am. The email for the meeting stated some concerns have been raised. We are both sick to our stomachs. Thank you for your concern and prayers.


My Lord bless me Lisa Tina Rebekah and Natalie and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful great awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Wednesday and keep all afloat and happy and please heal my whole body hips and legs and please help me to pay all my bills my lord and please bring Lisa and Tina to work safe and back home safe and bless and heal Natalie mind and take all stress and anger away from all my Lord and heal Rebekah, Natalie and Tina my Lord and bind all closely with love and kindness my Lord and make my family whole again my Lord and bless and heal Carol and my mom my Lord and heal my whole family MY Lord for I PRAY and ask you all of this in they most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my Lord amen and amen my lord. Love you lord. Thank you lord.

Please pray for our complete safety and protection against bad people whom I, Shabina, came into contact with. We are scared for these evil people. We need God to protect this family, our home and in everything we do and everywhere we do. We also want these people to be punished for being so evil and we must come to know of their punishment / destruction. This must be the last of their evil ways.

Please pray for my family during this difficult time. God walk with us and grant us peace and love.

Father thank you for making a widow today