Pray for Others

Im divorced from an abusive man who tells our children awful things about me. Im worried for my daughter she is too young to understand this, she is 8 and struggles, the other is in college. I struggle financially to support them and just was told last week that im being laid off from my job which ive work at for 9 years. I cant help but be depressed and angry, please pray things will get better and work out.

May I learn to budget and be more smart about money and keep my mother protected.

Pray for my dad, Russ to be healed of pneumonia and liver problems.

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

Please pray for Mark to find employment.

Please pray for Michael healing,,pain from the kidneys,,pray fro Leslie swollen leg from surgery,,

Lord you kknow the need

Lord please put a hedge of protection around Jackie and alecia's job. I pray for favor for them

In this bad weather, please heavenly Father, bless all your little creatures. May they find comfort, food and water, and a warm,safe place. These are our Lord's creation too.

Please pray for God to guide me to a job.
Thank you