Pray for Others

we're looking for a house-rent . near our store j. n. philippines. please pray . also provision and good health

I need prayers for a job or business to be successful. I need money for bolls now! Pls pray for E, who just had surgery. Also pray for my relationship with Mr. G to better & more committed . Thank-you & God Bless!

For our finances

Please pray for me (Nate).

Pls pray for me am attacked by the devil am so afriad am praying but it seems it becomes worse, pray for my son Moses too to pass the exams and finish univesity Josef to get good customer who will pay him good so that he can keep the job, bless me with Money to continue help the needy and finish the Project, my enemies Lord are in Your hands i leave the battle of myself and my family to You Lord.

request prayers for my son, joey,, age 42,, a very hard working, successful salesman, with a non stop
high pressure job; joey is also in a marraige with great ill will and mutual anger towards he and wife, dolly,; but because joey wants to come home every night after work to find daughters, leah, age 9 & lauren, age 6 there he can not end the marraige;
please pray for joey and dolly for inner peace, healing and comfort; for goodwill, self confidence; and to make right choices;
even on joey's best day, he faces a over filled plate, and this makes joey very very a harassed and over whelmed;
please also pray for joey's, inner peace, healing and comfort, and self confidence, harmonious relationships, both in the workplace & in the home; also for, joey's good health and healing from a persistent sore throat

Lord I need a miracle to pay bills, I will wait on you amen

I just lost my job and ca n not pay my bills, anyway this morning I applied to our local COF. Please pray I receive this job within the next few days. I admit I have a horrible work history due to illness and attending college, but I really need this job and am able to be there each and everyday. Please pray that the COF is willing to give me a chance to prove myself and offers me the job ASAP. Thank you and God Bless.

Please pray for my husband Nickey, that is test come back normal.

hope for Kathleen and grace to clean apartment today and make plane reservations.
help Rosemarie not have to to the far away hospital for urinalysis.
help Allan get a new job , good and closer to home
give Kathleen please angel friend who will hang out with her & protect her,
let Jason reach out with affection and really turn to God and be who God wants him to be, not shallow