Pray for Others

Asking for all prayer with regards to surgery 3/315 please take away stress, worry and fear I know that God can do great things. Bless this entire situation.Thank you all

Good day, prayer warriors, asking for your help to pray for tooth problem, i felt pain and I am worried about the infections. Lord, asking for your healing hands to healed us. Thank you. yongp.

Please pray for A, R, A and P to have safe travels this week and that their trip goes very well. R hasn't had a vacation in years and she works two jobs and cares for her son and invalid mother. They will be driving through rain and snow, pray please for their protection.

God, thank you for putting the man I love in my life even for a short period of time. He has been my best friend. I do pray that it will work out between us even though we haven't spoken a in few days. I hope this is just a storm that we can follow you through and find brighter days together. God, please please help me. I don't want to lose him from my life even if we we can't be together. Please Lord help us grow in love. I love him.

Lately I have been so consumed by worry and fear it seems as though anxiety has taken over. I know that God is in control. Please take the fear and worry away from cast it down. In Jesus name AMEN

SCOTT ... stomach/liver disease, injured knee and shoulder from accident, pain, sleepless nights, fear, grief, frustration, anger, all the emotions when you are seriously ill... let him know he is loved

I am a very ill women with a baby girl, single, no family, no car. I am going to my appeal hearing for SSI March 12th next month, I am truly over qualified it is hard to get approved for SSI, UNLESS it's God's will. PLEASE pray that the judge sees the truth, and approves me, and pray that God will fight for me in that judges heart rendering his decision approved, I am truly thankful for your prayers, I need to get well, with some of illnesses treatment would help, others not so much. God is the power all glory to Him! Thanks so much God Bless you all for your prayers!!!

My friend M.G.F. .... recovery from breast cancer, both breasts were removed

Pray for Cristopher and Cameron who are my grand sons. They are experiencing a lot of failure in school this school year. They are not getting a lot of support from home. Also I believe that Cristopher is being bullied. Thank you so much.

God, please let him call me soon. IJNIP. Amen