Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister in law who is having surgery on 5/20/. Pray that it is a success and that she has a quick and easy recovery. Thanks,

Please pray for my daughter Shihara, Son in law Ifthikar and Little Aadham my grandson. For good health and happiness and God's care in their daily life. They fall sick so often at times and need need Heavenly Father's blessings.

Please, God, help me.....heal me.......spare me! I ask in Jesus' name. Thank you!!

That myself and my friend move on to rewarding employment

Please pray for Christina. She was just in a car accident. She has been released from the hospital. Pray that insurance comes thru soon for her. Her car is totaled. Thank you.

Looking for prayers in the follow through process.
I've been out of a job a year now and have had several interviews; but they all say I'm not the right one, or we hired from within etc. I have interviewed for 2 companies and have 1 that's in the beginning process. I am just praying for guidance that God thinks one of these 3 is the right choice for me

My mother, Dorothy, needs prayers as she reaches the end of her life. She it's the strongest faith of anyone one I know. She is not afraid but needs prayer to guide her when the time comes to go to her heavenly home. She is hospitalized now and strong in her faith as ever. I need the prayers to be supportive and make the right decisions to keep her comfortable and supported. I am alone in caring for her so have no one to share my feelings with. Please pray that our final time together will be peaceful and not full of worry or stress.

A two-year old girl with a very serious heart issue now also has a very serious liver issue. If she gets a liver transplant, that would be hard on her heart. If she has the heart surgery she needs, it would be very hard on her liver. Please pray for her family to have strength, for her medical team to find the right solution, and of course, for a miracle.

please keep me, my son, sister and brother n law in prayers. We are need of employment and that God will be done. Thank you for praying for each one of us.

Please pray that B gets good news soon about the job that he desperately needs and is right for. Thank you for your prayers and your help.