Pray for Others

Dear lord think you for helping me to lose weight everyday

Please pray for our daughters as they have been having relationship problems, please let this stop as it is very hard on all of us.It is between them selves.

Lord let Nicola and Jamal successfully resolve the beef problem and work together, amen

Please Lord, I beg of you. Protect us from our neighbors. Keep us safe. We just wish to live in peace. Help us. Give us the means to move someplace safe. How many years must we go through this. I've come to the end of what I can handle. Protect us. Please.

I live by myself and it can be very lonely most the time. I trust GOD with my life--I need to know someone is praying for me. Thanks.

Please pray for my sister Nancy who has alot of congestion and has a lung problem that she will be healed and back to health soon. Thank you

Dear Lord, please keep my emotions at a professional level at work, my anxiety kept a minimum, and my concentration on my project at maximum levels. Amen.

please pray for me, desperately need a financial miracle to clear my huge debts and continue my master programme (need to pay fees and sponsor my thesis work) else will be expel from school. have been given the end of march to pay.

Healing for my adrenal glands nervous system and chemical sensitivity my emotions and anxiety amen

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for our son as he is preparing for finals this week. He is still trying to grasp some of the more complicated Precalculus concepts with three Precalculus exams to take between today and Wednesday. In addition, he has three of his big finals (one in each class) all on Monday, so his study time is split a few different ways. Please pray for him to grasp these concepts with Precalculus, as well as understand all of his material in his other two classes for finals, so he won’t neglect any one subject over the others. Please pray that God would send His Holy Spirit to guide his heart and mind to give him His peace and clarity of mind as he takes all of his exams, and that God would recall to his memory everything that he needs to know for these exams. Please also pray that God would give him His perseverance to continue studying diligently to finish this school quarter of classes well to maintain his GPA for his college scholarships this coming fall. Thank you for your prayers!