Pray for Others

Actually, the category could also include stress, worry, fear, full filling employment. It probably is what's causing some of the problems. Plus, as far as I know, Verlyn doesn't have a faith to call upon. But I do, and I'm asking you and your team to bind these hindrances with me under the blood of Jesus. So in advance, thank you for your prayer for Verlyn.

My son, Randy, is leaving Tx today and driving to D. and C. and will be gone from home for 2 1/2 - please pray for his safety. Thanks! Blessings!


For provision in handling tax debt and other expenses

Lord I asking that you be with Tim -at this time in her life. She is in the hospital for heart issues. I am asking that God pour is healing blood upon her and make her whole in his eyes. Pray that his mother will be more understanding and kind to Tim. He is there to help but they always bumping head with each other. Give them peace and joy in the home and that they can live and work together as mother and son. Bless this home in the name of Jesus. Amen

please pray for 91 yr old aunt having heart issues, 92 yr old mother having anxiety issues , friend tony to have a heart procedure 11th, the cover over the gum surgery came off & all is exposed pls pray for protection & rapid healing that I am able to keep it clean enough to not cause issues & for the headache it has given me & can only take the ib profin every 6 hrs , dosent seem to touch the headache please pray fro rapid healing & especially for julisia 43 yrs old non curable cancer & all the needs posted here both spoken & unspoken that God will hear & answers our needs in this hour in Jesus Holy Name amen

Pray for my dear friend Parker who is in need of healing from the Lord. He has kidneys issues and I believe that God will heal him and make my friend back to his normal self. I pray that each day his kidneys will improve and get stronger as the days goes on I love my friend and he is a Godly person that love the Lord with all of being. I know God will heal and I know will hear my prayer for him. Thank you for the healing and thank you for loving us. Thank you Jesus

I am being plagued by bad memories of being bullied in grade school and again by my first husband. These memories make me feel unloved and like I am never good enough.

Pray for my mother and I for the pain we are having at the time. She suffer from shoulder and lower back and I suffer from lower back pain. We are asking the Lord to hear our prayer and give us comfort and peace within us. I am asking for financial needs we are planning on moving this July and we need money for down payment and movers. Please pray for us on this matter too. Thank you Jesus my Lord and thank you all for your prayers.

the cover placed over my gum surgery has fallen off after only 6 days was to have stayed on 2 wks, am required to keep it clean , its raw with stiches please pray for rapid healing & that it does not get injured or infected in any way as I have to work phone work 10 hrs a day and have to eat and clean wound area at work , will not be easy , please pray for my speedy total complete healing and freedom from this headache-----also my 92 yr old mother is experiencing panic attacks or some form of major anxiety please pray for her peace calm & freedom from vertigo-her 91 yr old sister on way to hosp for heart issues please pray for all of us amen