Pray for Others

Brandon's eye infection. Was set to go to J. but now until he is healed he can't. Asking for his healing.

Lord, thank you for the nice Birthday and for the major blessings that you sent to relive my concerns. Amen

Please pray for Marshall to find and get a job asap!! Please pray that he may get a job in the medical field as he has a lot of experience in this from the military!! Please pray that something comes through for him asap!! He is almost out of money and really needs help for the right job to come through!! Please pray for him!! I am really worried and pray many times a day for him to get a decent job!! PLease pray that this happens soon!! Thank you for all your prayers! Also please pray that our whole family stays, safe, healthy, happy and successful..and that we stay safe, while driving back and forth everywhere in all vehicles, and in boats, planes etc.!! That Mitch has a great safe rugby game this weekend, and that he can come home! Thank you for all prayers!!

I was diagnosed was a fybroid (non cancerous) one year ago. I need healing deliverance. and dental care. I have work but it carries no insurance. There is no extension of medicare in my state for a single woman no kids. So all prayers help!

God thank you for my new photographer cruise ship job it's an answered prayer thank you I pray now for wisdom and knowledge and increase of my intelligence in my job I pray I'll be surrounded with nice and Godly people and I may find happiness in my new job thank you God and I love in Jesus name amen

Thank you so much for wanting to pray with us for one of our most wonderful teachers at our school for special needs children.. her name is AMANDA - who is having brain surgery tomorrow, April 2, 2015.
Please pray for excellent medical care and for her complete recovery...THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS!!

Please pray for my brother in law who has been suffering with a rash for several months. He has been to many doctors with no relief. Please pray for him to get answers and healing. He needs relief. He is losing faith. I know God will help him and he needs to stay strong. Please pray for him. Thank you so very much. God Bless.

Please continue to pray for the healing of my Mom's (Sara) eyes and vision improvement. My Mom's corneas were severely damaged following a reaction to prescription eye drops. She is making improvement now each day. Please pray for her continued healing and return of all her vision. thank you kindly for all the prayer requests over the past week - she has been blessed.

Bless our early am trip to M. Friday and Jim's long day of tests and our drive home, Lord, in Jesus name Amen. Thank You for Your guidance Father, Son and Holy Ghost, in Jesus name Amen

Urgent Prayers needed please concerning a serious health condition I've been having lately due to allergies. Safe night no breathing trouble and tongue and throat swelling stops and goes down to normal. That I live a very long and healthy life. Thank you.