Pray for Others

Please pray that God will help me. he would help me keep my current job at B. S. and that I would meet my monthly sales goals. Greg

I have a painful tongue irritation for which the doctor says there is no cure. Please pray this affliction comes to an end and leaves my body permanently. Thank you.

This prayer is for Scott -, the person that manages the apartments where I live. My apartment flooded in March 2014, later he tried Unsuccessfully to have me wrongfully evicted, Then we were told we had to vacate to alternate units because of demolishing the property where my unit was. Since I've had to select an alternate unit and move... The current unit has serious problems with lack of sufficient heat, and draftiness from areas that need repaired brick mortar, joint compound, caulking, weatherstripping of doors, and proper insulation.When I showed him these issues for correction, he says there's nothing he can do. A weatherization is supposedly forthcoming, I asked when and was never answered. What this has to do with the heat going out the windows & doors, me having to turn the thermostat to 90, and use a space heater, while he tells me they pay the heat, and put a towel in the door...represents a slum lord mentality. I am tried of having to confront this man , and appeal to him to do the right thing...Please help with fervent prayer...He and his staff really needs it. And Jesus Wept.Amen

May our Heavenly Father grant my wife and me total healing. Please continue to bless our son, granddaughter, adopted family, special friends, extended family, church family and our dear little pets. Also, bless our coworkers and employers, and our nation. Keep our country safe and blessed. Amen.

Help! My family and I have come through a wretched time. We have suffered on many fronts. Depression, addiction, financial blows...loss after loss. I am a single parent trying to get 4 adult children safe and healthy. I beg for the Lord's intervention on every front. Please we really need Him.
How can I tell you what we've been through and what we need. His mercy, favor and Grace. I want to publish a sons want to go to college and my daughter would like to marry. Help!

Our Heavenly Father, please grant total healing for wife and myself. Continue to bless our son, granddaughter, adopted family, extended family, special friends, church family and our dear little pets. Please bless our coworkers, employers, and our country. Keep America safe and blessed. Amen.

Please pray for my husband Jeremy for deliverance and freedom from an accusing spirit that he continues to entertain, he is constantly blaming myself and others for the strongholds in his life and never takes accountability for his negative behavior. Please pray for his prideful and fleshly self ways to be broken and for him to seek God and not this world, pray for deliverance of his addictions, peace over our marriage.

My husband Clyde is going in for an ablassion surgery on April 2nd. He has been put on coumadit and he is having trouble with his pulse, it has been way to high and we are really scared for him. I pray every day for him but he sure could use some prayer from everyone, so would you please help him. Also please help him that he doesn't have to go back in the hospital until his operation, and on the day of his surgery would everyone please pray for him.

Dear Lord I am so worried about my health right now particularly the pains in my chest. Please Lord forgive me for not looking after myself and heal my oesophagus and gallbladder that I might continue my work as a Christian wife and mother in Jesus' name I pray for your healing touch Amen

We are experiencing financial difficulties,to pay off,our F. P. Cards,we pray that we can payoff,and reverse the charge off,we really need this second chance.Those are the only ones,we were eligible for due to our credit history,and bankruptcy.
AND PRAYER FOR A RAISE OR BETTER JOB,FOR MY HUSBAND.And I pray my daughter,is not staying in an abusive,relationship.