Pray for Others

My 28 year old son has yet to get a job in which he can support himself without our help. He has gone to so many job interviews, to many to remember, without any luck. I have been praying for him, and he needs your prayers. Please pray that he finally gets a job soon. I give him credit, he has remained positive throughout these disappointments, he just needs more praying for him. Please pray for him.

Pray for wisdom, and insight as we try to balance our finances in the midst of a recent job severance due to new contracts being let at the local base. In the midst we have medical bills mounting, and now, unexpected repairs on plumbing to our home which we have been trying to complete renovations on for over 3 years. Only God can provide in these dire circumstances and yesterday, we lost one of our dogs who escaped from our yard. Yes, it seems like when it "rains it pours." We don't wish to be discouraged but nothing is coming up for us on the job front and bills are mounting. Also, we miss our community of believers who have continued to splinter due to unresolved conflict in our church which leaders in our conference have refused to address for years now and have encouraged. We are sad about all situations and pray for resolution. Waiting is not our virtue. Pray too for others in similar situations. Our economy needs a blessing of growth and honest leadership all the way to W.

Ben's healing/comfort. May God strengthen me to care for him & keep him comfortable from tumor. May God take him "peacefully" to Heaven when it is time. Help me to accept God's will and always cherish our time together. In Jesus Name Amen.

Father God, In The Name of Jesus, and with the Power of the Holy Spirit hear my prayer. I worship and praise Your Holy Name above All. Bless me with a wonderful new job with a great future!! In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Need prayer for my faith and live for God gets stronger and I get closer to him. Also for my 3 boys Isaiah, Jacob and Matthew they are all teenagers and are going through things dealing with friends, school, making bad choices. May God give me and their dad the right wisdom to do whats best for them.

My son has an interview today - he will be graduating from College in June. This job would be in his field and allow him to stay in the same state as us. Please pray for a positive outcome for him.

Please pray that our family will be blessed with God's grace for a financial and legal miracle, God Bless You

Praying 100% reconciliation with my estranged older brother and baby sister. Praying god work on their darkened hearts. Praying the enemies that encamps them flee. Praying that God give them wisdom and discernment. Praying they ask God for forgiveness of sowing discord amongst the siblings. Also praying my daughter learn to honor her mother and that the enemies who influence her treatment on her mother flee. Praying God remove the anger, bitterness, and disrespect she harbors for her mother and that she will accept her mother's apology and she also apologize for her disobedience to her mother. In Jesus name! Thank you and Amen.

That my relationship with my mother will improve as well as my relationship with my kids and my sisters and brothers. That we will draw closer to each other while also drawing closer to God. That the Lord will bless me with a good companion as HE sees fit and that I will also be the kind of companion that HE wants me to be. My prayer and bible study time will icrease and improve and that I can apply what I learn to my daily living.

My husband and I struggling financially. Student loans are piling up and we can't afford it. We both work but it is not enough we couldn't find jobs in our degree. We have a small family.please pray for us thank you