Pray for Others

My lord bless me Lisa and Tina and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful great awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Monday and keep all afloat my lord and bless and heal my whole body my lord my left leg hip my lord and please help me to pay all my bills my lord and give me a awesome blessed happy day ad life and bless and heal Rebekah and Natalie and give both a good happy healthy safe wonderful great awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free life and Monday and bless and heal both and bring Lisa and Tina to work safe and back home safe and bind all closely my lord and bless and heal my mom for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my lord amen and amen my lord. love you lord. thank you lord.

Dear Prayer Warriors : please pray that I write compelling statements for the medical internship and Get into the program. Please pray for my upcoming exams that I do well.

Please pray that a leak in my home will be repaired soon and not be too costly. Pray that the weather changes to sunshine this week to allow the plumber to find/repair the leak. In His name. Amen

Please pray for me so that I don't let the desires of the flesh take over my thoughts and or life. been fighting these spiritual battles and i'm growing weiry. thank you and God bless

Please pray for Rick-, he is my boss and will be facing back surgery sometime in March for a spinal tumor. This will be his 4th back surgery in a year's time, but the worse he will face. And they believe the tumor is malignant. Please pray against this that there will be NO malignancy, once the tumor is removed, NO more surgeries required (which is what they are thinking). We stand in the gap for Rick and believe that he will be healed from head to toe of this and that by Jesus stripes and by HIS Blood that Rick is Healed. Father you said where there is 2 or more all we have to do is ask. I'm asking AND believing IT IS SO. Thank you Father, in JESUS Name ! AMEN

Please pray for James, who cannot hear Kristen. And please pray for Kristen, who doesn't know what else to do.

Pray for job security with mrs L. pray for peace on the job pray mrs L. live

Watch over my son Jesus and keep my son Jeremy from addiction and depression and all the evils it brings. Help him to find full time employment, fill his life with people who can mentor and lead him to a better life where you are abundant. Give him my miracle

one part of my prayer is answered, the gum surgery was successful & now behind me m, I did not sedate as I had hoped I would but I did survive the grafting, now please pray for rapid recovery & no infection or issues with antibiotics God bless you for your prayer amen

Please pray for Chuck A., he has been diagnosed with brain tumors and not given long to live. The family has not told alot of people, his mom died of the same type of tumor (he is in his late 40's). Please lift this family up in prayer, for God's healing of Chuck, here or in Heaven, and to be with the family.