Pray for Others

Miracle prayers that I am blessed with the desires of my heart and can finally be with the one I love. I believe! ijnip amen

I come to you today on behalf of Naveen. Lord he is an addict and has no idea what his doing with his life. I ask that you cleanse him and rebuke this hold that is over his life. He was wonderful and my everything. But he has a drinking problem. He is abusive and has no direction in his life. Father I ask that you watch over him and show him how to forgive his family. Show him that you are there for him. Lord he needs you. I ask fur healing upon both our life's. Lord I rebuke depression, alcoholism, abuse, neglect and more in his life.
The devil is a liar
In Jesus name I pray for the strength to forgive him and be free of this stronghold. Thank you father

Please thank The Lord for taking over the burden of dealing with Mr. T. & speaking to his heart and mind to achieve a compromise regarding the purchase of the motel that I have been operating for the past 6 years. I have faith that however it turns out, it will be beyond what I could have possibly imagined to have achieved for myself because I trust The Lord to know what is best for me. Please ask him to strengthen me and give me peace in the midst of these battles so that I can stand firm and offer nothing but love and kindness in return for the grief that's being directed toward me because he has promised if we keep our eyes on him that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Thank you very much.

For the courage willingness LOVE LOVE LOVE habits & actions that bring healing now, For the courage willingness LOVE LOVE LOVE habits & actions that bring healing now, for everyone for everyone, for all that is needed here now for those who can heal and help others heal, too. For Your Perfect Guidance Lord in my healing. For healing readiness, WITH NEEDED SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY PROTECTION CREATED so I step through now including strength & healing for needed mobility changes. Thank You God! For everyone's healing progress sustaining always, (for C healed R arm foot R upper rear teeth) that each healing step draws us closer closerrrr to You, YOUR LOVE, Thank You God for healing willllingness willingness willllingness!!

Please pray for me. I am trying to learn to forgive those who have wronged me. This is hard for me. In the past I avoided them thinking that I didn't like them, so I would not have anything to do with them. Now I am trying my very best to lay it down, and he very nice. It is hard when they keep hurting me and cheating and lying. This is my job situation. My boss knows but just told me to have Grace. This is so hard to do when things just keep happening. I really need prayers to forgive 70 x 7! And to turn the other cheek.

Please pray for Lauren and Petra to be saved and for me to see at least one of them again soon.

TY God for solutions workable for all at F. home, me, aides, mgrs, Owner, residents, that solutions work as needed particularly for my care. For protection protection & perfect solutions for caregivers, toilet issue, chair mobility issue, food prep/SHOWER/other. For solutions that protect & arrange care for me as I NEED, for communication/behaviors issues, with new manager! For perfect treatment prep & perfect needed treatments, TY for Your clear guidance on all of this Lord! For these protected daily activities in support of ongoing healing, treatment, & strengthened mobility, for new chair routine, with good esp phys shape/energy at day's end, everyone here incl practitioners protected from negative energies, for perfect healing steps/progress for me, all healing, for enough rest SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, S & G all needing, Praise God!

For b to respect k and treat her like a queen. No more arguing. He loves her but does not respect her. For b to understand that value of having k in his life. Thanks.

Prayer request for my daughter's relationship with her guy friend/boyfriend, Justin. Please let this work out ok for her. Please let him call he and remove any doubt in her heart, head and soul on his feelings towards her. Please let him love her and want to protect her heart with the same pain that he would his own. Please let him start to treat her the way he would want a man to treat his own niece or sister.
Please help her find happiness and let their friendship grow stronger. Please protect her heart. Please let any doubt that he has be removed. Please let their families support this bond. Lift Ivy up and bring strong friendships her way.
Please dear lord let him call Ivy tonight. Let them work through this. Protect my daughter's heart oh Lord. Please don't let this end in another heart break for Ivy.

In hospital, severe depression and anxiety. Talking suicide, which is not like her at all. Please pray for peace and restoration of mental health. Thank you.