Pray for Others

Thank you Father, I love you, please forgive my worthlessness and sins. Please take care of all my needs and my family's needs. Please keep us healthy and happy. I love you, your daughter.

Since January 2015 I hear a very loud noise in my right ear. It's constant, does not go away, and it drives me crazy. I have been praying every day but need others to pray for me also. I appreciate your prayers, and I promise to also pray for others. Thanks.

Please pray for Don who is in hospital with pneumonia. He's been through so mush with chemo and Graft v Host issues and now this. He is very weak and discouraged as am I. Please oh please pray for us . Most of all pray help. Healing , and strength for this good man. I love him so dearly.

Please pray for my mom (Della)to have good results on all her blood work and exam from Dr. on Tuesday March 3. That she wouldn't have trouble remembering and gain some weight! I'M SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE PRAYING FOR HER!! Please heavenly Father heal her! She has bad pain in her right side, rib cage back, and tail bone from scoliosis, arthritis, and her right hip replacement 12 years ago, it is swollen and hurts. Please continue pray that God will heal her right hip, her back and rib cage to be straightened, her left shoulder pain, and swelling in her right ankle and feet. Please continue to pray for miracle healing from our heavenly Father! My sisters Darla and Sheila have bad case of flu and trouble breathing also tightness in their chests.
My son's P.J. needs prayer, he does all the sales, orders, contracts collects payments from customers (when they pay)!!! Please pray he won't make any mistakes on orders and continue to pray for us.
God Bless!

Please pray for the salvation of ray and the restoration of our broken relationship. In Jesus name amen.

Pease pray for Danielle to pass her medical assistant test that is now a requirement. Thank you and may God bless

Prayers for Ron to heal from his broken bone.

Please pray for Mandy to continue to take care of herself and take her diabetes seriously. Prayers also for Noah who will be having heart surgery soon. He is a child. God bless you all for your prayers.

Please pray God will help my daughter Constance find the right car. Pray god leads her to a car that will be reliable not be in the shop all the time. Pray he leads her to one she can afford. In Jesus name I ask and pray

Healing for my back, knee and whole body that I will receive and walk in the manifested and completed work of healing of Jesus Christ.