Pray for Others

For me to overcome chronic illness and depression. Thank you for praying for me.

Please pray that my 79 year old stroke survivor father will not have to go into a nursing home. Pray that God helps us find an affordable alternative. Thank you.

My close freind..lorna she is out of her contract job since long.she has to wait one year to change her visa to full time job as per countrys rule..please pray to show a miracle to her and help her to get a new good job .

Please pray for me as these days my boss is lil harsh on me.i am feeling tensed.i need your prayers to overcome this situation and do my job well

My beloved grandson michael cannot stop drinking. He has been arrested for various things. We are as a family talk to him and tell him how much we love him. Please pray that this meeting will go well and he will want to change his life. He is the most person and we do not want to him to ruin his life. May The Lord intercede on his behal

I would like us all to pray for this young little boy he is in ICU he has cancer We pray for miracle and oray for his family as well God is good n he shall be healed Amen

A friendly friend Jim - has prostate cancer and has begun treatment. Please pray for Jim and his wife Willie in this time of need.
God Bless

Please pray for me and my kids as I try to continue my education after 25 years. It is a very challenging program in Radation Therapy. I absolutely love the program and can not imagine doing anything else. It has been extremely difficult with all the outside responsibilities I have as a single mom with one son having a physical disability and my other son with an emotional and psychological disability. I waited a long time to go back to school and I am saddened to learn this semester I am on academic probation after being on the honor roll last semester. I take school very seriously and I earnestly want to see this program to the end. I have one year left and it would mean the world to finally graduate and become a therapist. Please pray for me. I have to get at the very least a B in this class to be allowed to continue. I currently have a C and have only 2 major grades left this week to accomplish this. I am praying for a miracle.

please pray for a friend at work V. who has a painful problem with her foot, and is required to walk a lot at work. thanks

Please help me and my family by praying for us that I get the right job that Jesus knows that would be perfect for me and me perfect for the job because Jesus knows me best. And I believed he will put me where it's best. Thank You. In Jesus Name Amen.