Pray for Others

Please pray for me for a financial miracle of 2,500 to catch up on my rent and not be evicted by march 5th. Thank you in advance for the prayers!!

Asking for prayer for my little boy, B. That he is protected & the toxic alliance around him is disbanded. Prayers nothing comes between our relationship or his faith. I pray the Lord sends me people to help in my business. I am asking for doors to open. I'm a single mom and would like to move into a house & out of our 1 bedroom apt. I want him to have a yard to play in & neighborhood children to play with. Also would like to find a nice, Christian man who honors & respects women. Someone who will accept my son. After yrs of mental abuse, I want a healthy, beautiful marriage, if it's God's will.

I was laid off a yr ago Nov. Praise the Lord in that time I was able to finish my AS degree. With April's tax season and property taxes rolling around, I am not sure where I will be able to come up with the money. That being said I ask for prayers for a job. I have been applying and have signed up with an agency. I have been praying for a job near by (since my car is over 14 yrs old), decent wage and insurance. I am waiting on the Lord and trust He will provide as He can only do. I know He has something waiting for me, I just need someone to lift my circumstances up to the Lord with me. Thank you in advance.

Please pray that my wife would stop drinking after tonight and that my friend would stop also. Please pray that I will financially will be able to take care of my responsibilities and help those who need help

Help control pain from acid reflux and find correct medicine. Thank you so much!

Please pray total healing for James. He is taking meds for an upper respiratory infection. Please pray he keeps getting stronger and has a better immune system. That he gets the rest he needs, heals inside so he doesn’t have a cough and this stops happening to him. That James gets his strength back. Thanks for your prayers.

I'm suffering from a pretty good deal of carpal tunnel. Pray for healing of my hand and the strength to get thru the shot if it becomes necessary. I terrified of needles!! Thank you

God will completely heal my body.Had pancreatic cancer about six years ago.Still having some nausea and burning in parts of body,I claim Healing.By His stripes I am Healed.Thanks for Praying People.

pray that my heart will convert to a normal sinus rhythm and stay there.

I could ask for any category but I guess this main one is to strengthen my faith in God to eliminate worry, stress and fear. I consider myself a Christian. Go to church and try live right, but I'm still suffering from depression and anxiety. I need help. Thanks for listening.