Pray for Others

Please pray for me as i am experiencing pain and inflammation and for it to subside. Dr.'s say its RA, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. But I know God is bigger than all of these!! Also for a vehicle to get me to my appointments Thank you so much!! God Bless all that you do!!

I ask for prayer for my Neice Tina -,she has cancer/cant operate ! She is having chemo and very sick from it ...I pray the LORD will heal her and take away the sickness from her treatments. Thank you for all your prayers...GOD BLESS.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving me the strength, wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence to fulfill the requirement of completing my dissertation. In this moment I will proceed to send the final version and I leave every single detail of the process of evaluation that follows in your hands. Please make the reviewers evaluate my dissertation fairly and may they see the effort and love I put into it. Guide them lovingly to give me good and positive reviews. I stay trusting in you, knowing that throughout this whole process you have been in control of everything. In Jesus´s name, AMEN!

We need prayer for all to come together for our family to move in June. We are moving to a state with a better climate for my husband's health. We need: financial breakthrough, to find the right home for our family and pets, and favor with the new landlord. Thank-you!

I have intestinal parasites which won't go away. Medicine does not work.

Thank You Lord for the capture, conviction, deliverance and salvation of the killers and organizers of Mr N. murder, and bless and protect Mr Pu. as You lead him to to do Your perfect will amen

Please pray that Andrew could find a job that would allow him to fulfill his vocation in Jesus Christ. He does have a place to live now. Thank you for praying.

I pray that my sister and I will find godly husbands. Please ask for us to be blessed with the gift of marriage very soon.

Please pray for me. I just started a job after being unemployed for sometime. I have some exams to pass in order to pass my probationary period. I have already failed the first and one of the second exams I need this job so much. There is so much to remember and my husband left me so I am a single parent of two. I need this job. Praying for favor to pass this retake tomorrow. Thank you for you prayers.

Pls pray for a godly mature responsible husband for me, i am 42 years old already and i really want to have my own family and Pls pray for God's direction and Wisdom and a financial breakrhrough in my laundry business and a new Job/business opportunities for me Amen thank you