Pray for Others

Please pray for my children that they may learn to respect and want to learn and make the selves better people. Please pray for us as parents that we may be able to guide them and make them stronger.please pray in Jesus name Amen

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony & Susie.


Please continue to pray for Steven, that a Blood Covering is over him, to protect him, from what is going on in his life, at this time. AMEN

Please Lord Jesus, God, & Holy Spirit protect my sister, Susan. Her horse has broken her leg twice. She might have to have it amputated if it happens again. Please provide a buyer she can't refuse

I have worked full time in ministry (at a church) for 2 years. Because I support a high-level exec, I am called on 7 days a week (texts/emails from my boss at all hours of the night, sometimes midnight-1am). I am completely burned out. This is taking a toll on my family as well. Please pray for me. That I may know God's purpose for my life. I feel lost and am beginning to feel resentful toward my employer. This decision is far bigger than me...I can't do this on my own. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Please pray that God would reveal His plan for me. Please pray that He would give me patience until I'm able to find another job that is a better fit for my family. I am crying out for His wisdom and grateful for your prayers.

Please pray for my daughter melissa tommorow she will not c her children for six months please give her strength to endure this gave her strength

Please pray for what appears to be a curse/yoke/bondage over my life to be broken. This has kept me single at almost 40, lonely, as I keep getting rejected. I have sent in prayers before but I intend to keep seeking prayers until my change comes. I need the prayer of Jabez, the Lord should change my continuous weeping, heartbreak and disappointments into blessings and favour.

I pray that Michelle's medical tests come out OK, that she gets strength and gets the illumination and will power to eliminate all that stands in the way of her healing. And finally, I pray she give s up smoking.
This or something better.
Thank you God for answered prayer!

I work for a general investment company in charge of collecting rental for the company's rented properties. One of the tenants is 15 months in arrears. He had pleaded with me to give him time to pay up to which I conceded without the knowledge of my boss. I know I have done a wrong thing. Now it's time to show the boss the accounts and the tenant has not honoured his promise of payment. I am suffer much anxiety over this matter. Please pray that the tenant will honour his promise and for God to give wisdom on to deal with this person.