Pray for Others

Praying with a heavy heart that my pictures I am sending to two major modeling agency land me a contract want to change career

Thank you Lord, I praise and thank you for Steve's recovery from heart valve surgery.

Please pray for my husband John who has a bad cough and has been having breathing problems. Please pray for healing.

Thank you for praying with me. I made it through the day. I had to write up a student and the music teacher wrote up two students. I was supported for problem students.

Please pray for my daughter Cindy who found out today she has breast cancer. She is only 43 years old with 3 children at home. Her husband is there too. I pray for healing for her. I know God will answer my prayer. I know that where 2 or 3 are gathered together whatever we ask He will hear. I am hurting as she is. Please pray for her.

I ask for prayers for healing of my fears, anxiety & panic disorder (so I can stop taking medicine) I ask for prayers for god to grant me guidance & wisdom (so I can hear his words & know what to do). I ask for prayers to rid my mind of negative thoughts. I thank god for the peaceful sleep he"s been allowing me & pray that I can get this same peaceful sleep without using medication. I thank god for his love & forgiveness & continue to ask for his blessings. thank you lord jesus for being my friend & healer in Jesus name. amen

Please pray for my dad Walter .Had cancer surgery and is not doing well.Thank you and God bless

Please pray for my dad -- he needs a job. Thank you! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Thank You Lord for complete healings of everyone! For my healing progress, for everyone's in all areas each needs, for my healed R arm/foot, shaking gone, for healed R upper rear 2 teeth, hanging in nmw, For needed care easily with caregivers, for my body making friends with new home's bed, floor, toilet, too, that body & surfaces interact with friendly flexibility & resiliency. For easy bounceback fm any stress, for SAFETY SAFETY in GODs LOVE, for my bowel bladder functions strong continent, blood vessels all cells fluids tissues are Tough resilient circulation-healed flexible in strength & alignment stable where needed. These healings esp in R arm/foot, head-neck, incl sides of L esp, & all spine, legs, all areas congruent, cohesive, holding together, healing nmw. For perfect massage & healing practitioner who will work here. For the $$$ lasting (all med'l approved) for C & M. Thank You God for Your Great Love & Healing for everyone! Bless Mike & Ted!

Help J's new shop to be successful, self supporting and profitable now. Help the fleets and cars to pour in now, please, and to be fixed without any problems with enough orders and work for 6 men and resources to increase 10x10 without hurt. These are urgent needs.Help the boat problem and house question to be fixed without any problems and expense. Help R to resolve all problems in the best possible way. Help JP, BM Charlie - & Tim to be healed completely. Help Chris, Craig and Tim, Chris & Richard. Help BB,JA, JM to get the job they want. Help Rick & me to get wonderful jobs. Help E's headaches to stop and be nothing and the foot to heal without surgery. Help J's neck & arm to heal without problems or surgery & him to get good insurance. Help Jo's foot to heal without problems or pain. Help us to have enough money to pay all bills and salaries. Help the Excur to be fixed perfectly soon. Help us to find a wonderful mech.