Pray for Others

I pray for prayers for CArole that her house may sell and she have to wisdom to decide what to do with her life and where to spend
the rest of her time . I pray that she have the wisdom to understand that she needs to move as she ages and the wisdom to follow through with her decision. I pray for her to have peace through this process. In Jesus name.

Please pray Justice Prevails from my landlady wrongful eviction for no reason because she is the owner of the unit I live in and have the legal power to evict me without just cause and please pray I receive back the money she coerced and manipulated me to pay $5,000.00 last year for a pest control company bedbugs heat treatment that I only paid my landlady to avoid eviction and now she is evicting me anyway and this has been very hurtful and mean and please pray I find a better home to live soon in S-, CA and spiritual healing and growth to forgive all hurt done by my landlady inflicted on me since I didn't do anything wrong and I have been punished the most.

Michelle is 37 years old and just diagnoased with breast cancer. She has a husband, a young daughter, and a family that loves her. Please pray for healing.

Lord, I lift up my husband to you today. His depression is overwhelming him right now. Show him Lord, how much you love him. Help him to overcome this awful battle within himself right now. Lord, lift him up today and if it is your will, take away his depression and give him hope. Help him to be motivated by a cause, help him to feel worthy. Since he has been forced to retire do to his health, it has taken away his purpose in life. He sits around most of the time, alone. He's lost all of his family members, his Dad to suicide in our home, his mother to a stroke and his closest brother to lung disease and his middle brother, who he didn't get along with all in the last 3 years. He has a stepbrother left who doesn't speak to him. Help him lLord to bridge the gap and forgive his stepbrother, they stopped talking all because of greed. Help his stepbrother to open his heart and to see that greed gets you nowhere. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. I love you God.

Please pray for the people around me Dee, Ìlene , Angie ,and others for healing. God knows all about it and Aunt Robbie. In Jesus name.

Please pray for good results on his MRI for his left knee. Pray that the orthopedist can figure out how to help stop the pain and swelling in it.

Sean, Diane & Jerry - eye disease causing blindness; Randi - Healthy pregnancy and delivery; Kate - healing of mental illness & drug addition; Michael - Healing of shoulder; Maureen - healing of psoriasis

Please pray for Pat. He was taken to the ER tonight. My sister said it looks bad.... Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom. & for his salvation.......
Also please pray for Nicole & her family, God knows all they need right now. Please pray for trust and for her safety. And peace. Thank you!!!

Please pray for my husbsnd's recovery from surgery for fluid on the brain, that he won't be confused and mixed up any more.please pray for a sound mind and for GOD'S will be done.I pray in the of Jesus Christ. Amen

Please pray in agreement for healing for Bill who is having health problems and him to be saved and my family to all know god and that they are saved.