Pray for Others

working a job want to get on full time pray i dont lose this job also need prayer for girlfriend for salvation her name is jen

Please pray for my parents. Both are struggling with their health. Please pray that they will get everything and everybody they need. Please pray for them to be happy.

Please pray for my husband. He has severe issues with his ankle. He has to get back to work full time on the farm and is struggling. Please pray for his health and for him to make the right decisions with the farm.

Please pray for healing of my back and leg symptoms on my trip to India. For my relationships to be healed, especially with Cassy. For my life to be in God's Hands and if He is willing to take my life for Christ's sake in India, His will be done. For divine healing of my body to enjoy the trip. All in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen.

My family is in need of lots of the all of the above category. There is nothing that one of the five of us doesn't need. Thank you for being there and rest assured that I will pray for you as well.

Pray the blood test come back that baby is my sons and that my son and exgirlfriend will work it out and she will include me in his life

drug addiction, bi-polar disorder


back surgery Tuesday, chronic pain

Pray that I will receive a financial blessing to pray my wife's medical bill and i can retire and do the LORD's work.